10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh

10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh

10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh
10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh

Similar to its geography the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh is also greatly diverse. Its amazing cuisine goes from your regular vegetable tehari to a royal lucknowi biriyani, this huge state hosts some of the most exotic recipes in its cuisine.

The mouth-watering delicacies like pakora, chaat, and samosa, which are included in most well-known food charts in entire India, are native dishes of this state. The cuisine of this great state has adopted and absorbed a huge variety of recipes to make a full smorgasbord of authentic dishes.

The city of Nawab, Lucknow is also a part of this state and that is why the delicious Nawabi food is a huge part of its cuisine. All the cooking techniques utilized for cooking food in its cuisine are greatly influenced by Mughal’s.

The Mughlai food that you can get from Delhi differs greatly from what you get here in the northern Uttar Pradesh. The Mughal’s of Uttar Pradesh greatly encouraged their chefs to master different culinary techniques. Some of the most popular dishes of Lucknow are ‘Kakori kebabs’ and ‘tundra kebabs’ flavored with seeds and rich spices. If you are looking for jobs then e-commerce could be the best chance to try.

So, now let your taste buds travel through the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh with our top picks for 10 best delicacies of this state:

1. Batti Chokha

In the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, this dish is loved by locals. In this authentic recipe around batti is prepared with the wheat flour, and chokha is prepared with mashing together brinjal, tomatoes, and mashed potatoes.

It is best served with green chutney, desi ghee, and chaat masala. These Battis are gently baked in the authentic mud overs of India and that gives it a unique taste and aroma. You can easily order this recipe online using swiggy referral code with great discount.

2. Bedhai

This one is a well-known dish in the areas of Firozabad, Agra, and Mathura. The deep-fried, crispy wheat bread (puri), with curry based spicy potato sabzi. It is an ideal breakfast choice for a lot of locals of these areas. Your trip to the city of Agra is not completed without tasting this dish and visiting Taj Mahal.

3. Pedha

The city of Vrindavan and Mathura is not just famous for its Krishna and Radha temples, but also for this mouth-watering sweet dish. Pedha is prepared with mawa, cardamom or saffron. They are then decorated with dry fruits and chain vark. It is usually used as Prasad at the temples.

4. Tehri

Also famous by the name of vegetable pulao. The best-grown basmati is utilized to prepare this recipe. Different spices along with a variety of vegetables are cooked together with rice which gives this dish an amazing aroma and taste.

Tehri is usually served with green chutney or curd which further enhances its taste. It is very easy to prepare and usually cooked as lunch in a lot of households of UP.

5. Baigan Ki Longe

In this special dish, the Brinjal is sliced up from the middle and then stuffed with spices. The masala stuffing is prepared by blending in various types of spices. This stuffing is tasty and spicy. In the wedding or reception parties, you can easily find a stall of this dish.

6. Galaouti Kebabs

It is a well-known dish from Lucknow. In this dish, the minced meat is blended in with spices and then cooked on a Tava.

You can’t find a better taste and aroma that this dish has to offer. The specialty of this recipe is that it will instantly meltdown in your mouth and the taste of all the spices will revive your taste buds.

7. Wahid biryani

The never-ending fight between Lucknawi and Hyderabadi biriyani can only be finished once you have tasted this amazing recipe that’s prepared in chicken and garden-fresh spices.

For those who wish to experience the true essence of Lucknawi cuisine, this dish is a must try.

8. Petha

Petha is probably the first thing that comes to the mind of a lot of individuals when they think about Agra. Prepared from ash gourd, this dish tastes sweet and has a translucent texture. Petha comes in many different varieties such as chocolate; Gulab, pan, angoori, etc so do not forget to try them out in your next Agra visit.

9. Basket chaat

If you ask any foodie from Lucknow to show heaven on a dish, they would probably take you to the royal café and order a basket chaat for you. Filled with spices and flavored with chutney, curd, and condiments, this is a must try in the city of Nawabs.

10. Fara

This dish looked like a step-brother of Gujhiya on the outside but it is filled with spiced dal and is made from the wheat flour.

It is prepared in steam and it salty and spicy. You can easily find this dish all over Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, you can easily enjoy this dish at your home by ordering this dish online using Paytm Referral with discounted prices.

With this, our list of top 10 dishes from Uttar Pradesh cuisine has concluded we hope it will help you to choose your platter in your visit to this beautiful state.

10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh

10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh

10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh

10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh
10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh

10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh
10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh

10 mouth-watering recipes from Uttar Pradesh