5 Best Ways to Build Back links for New Website

5 Best Ways to Build Back links for New Website

5 Best Ways to Build Back links for New Website
Backlinks for Website

Are you a new blogger? Do you have a blog not older than one month? If yes, then this article is just for you. Here, in this article, we will share the best tips to build high-quality backlinks for your new website or blog.
But, before starting with the article let us first understand why backlinks are so important?

Without building backlinks, it is not possible to index your site and thereby improve its ranking.
Trust me, if you are new to blogging and you don’t have any backlinks to your site then simply writing and adding content to your blog will not help you.

If you are under the assumption that you will keep writing good content on your site and people will automatically find you then you are wrong. This is because, without backlinks it is very difficult to index your blog posts in the search engine and hence your site will not appear in the search engine and thus you will not get any visit to your blog.

So, building backlinks is the first steps of every new blogger for building successful blog or site.
I know you are wondering how to build backlinks for a new website? Since your site is just a one month old, it is very difficult to get backlinks from other websites or blogs. So, in this case, how to get backlinks from other websites.

To help you with this answer, we are writing this blog posts. Here, in this article, we have mentioned the best way to build backlinks for a new website. These techniques are so simple that anyone can use it. These techniques are specifically meant for new blogger to start with it.
So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start with these techniques below

Blog Commenting

This is the first and the simplest way to build backlinks for your blog. It does not matter how old your site or blog is? You can start using this method from the very first day of starting the blog or even before it.
Yes, you can use this method before starting the blog also. In this method, all you need to do is visit any other blog or site and do comment on their website with linking backs to your site or domain name.

But, please make sure you do not post the blog URL within the message, instead you the option specifically available for the website URL.

Free Web Directories

Next technique in the list is Free Web Directories. In this method, you need to submit your site to free web directories or classified available online and in return, you will get free backlinks from them.
This is the best method to build backlinks from high authority websites. I have used this method to build backlinks from DA60+ when my blog was new.

Social Media Sharing

This is another best and the easiest method to get backlinks immediately. In this case, all you need to do is share your site on various social media sites and sit back to see the magic

Within the next 2 to 3 days, your social media posts will get indexed and your website will start getting the impression from social sites.

SEO Audit

The next technique in the list is the SEO Audit. There are many websites available online to do an SEO audit at free of cost for your blog. All you need to do is just input your blog URL and hit enter.
In the next second, there will be a detailed SEO report of your site and you will also get an additional backlink for your blog.

Use Quora

The last technique in our list is to use Quora. On Quora you are free to share link to your site.
Though Quora is not providing do follow backlinks but still for a new blog with less than one month of old, no follow backlinks are also a boon for it.
Next, you can answer the question on Quora and link back to your site for more information in details.

That’s all. The above methods are enough to build backlinks for the new website. Next, once you get few backlinks and slowly and gradually your new website get older, you can follow the different method mentioned here in this article on building high-quality backlinks for your blog.