5 Common Monsoon Diseases: Health tips to prevent them!

5 Common Monsoon Diseases: Health tips to prevent them!

5 Common Monsoon Diseases: Health tips to prevent them!
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For many of us, monsoon season is a time to celebrate after a scorching summer. We get extremely invigorated when a splash of waterfalls on our face. It’s the time to bring out our colourful umbrellas and raincoats out of the cupboards to protect ourselves.

The sudden shift from a sizzling heat to rainy days makes us susceptible to host of diseases like malaria, dengue, flu, cholera, typhoid, gastrointestinal diseases, to name a few. Due to the weakened immune system, vulnerability to such diseases is extremely high during the rainy season. Try quick remedies to cope up with the monsoon diseases. A regular visit to your doctor or healthcare provider can save you from other complicated health ailments. In case you are experiencing the symptoms for more than 3 days, it’s best to visit your doctor immediately. He can suggest you a few blood tests to help rule out the disease or he may prescribe you with specific antibiotics to treat infections if any. If medicines are prescribed, order them online from trusted online medicine site and save your time and inconvenience.

To make you aware we have listed a few most commonly prevalent monsoon diseases and shared a few tips and measures which you can follow to safeguard you and your family.

Common monsoon diseases:

A. Malaria:
Stagnant dirty water and heavy downpour can give room for the mosquitoes to breed during monsoon season. Malaria tops the list of monsoon diseases and is caused by the bite of female Anopheles mosquitoes. Symptoms include high fever, chills, weakness, body aches, and sweating.

Preventive measures:
1. Sleep under mosquito nets
2. Wear full sleeve clothes to prevent mosquito bites
3. Use mosquito repellent devices and anti-repellent mosquito creams to avoid mosquito bites at home
4. Take antimalarial medication as precautionary measures if necessary as per your doctor’s advice. Refill your bottle by ordering the medicine online from any best online pharmacy store in India.
5. Stagnant water site should be kept in check to prevent mosquito breeding.

B.Influenza (Cold and flu):
Sudden temperature fluctuation can bring in viral and bacterial attack resulting in flu & cold. It is transmitted from the infected person through bodily fluids. It can be very well treated with home remedies. Symptoms include cough, sore throat, fever, sneezing, body ache, nasal congestion, headache and runny nose.

Preventive measures:
1. Stay at home when you are sick
2. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue while you sneeze and cough
3. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water when you cough or sneeze
4. Flu vaccinations may decrease the risk of flu illness
5. Eat balanced meals to strengthen the immune system
6. Avoid having cold drinks and ice-creams
7. Don’t touch your face, eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
8. Avoid visiting crowded places.

C. Diarrhoea:
Yes! We crave for more street foods and stretch to various street food joints to fulfil our taste buds. But we should be aware that food and water are the two major things that get easily contaminated during monsoon season. This is the time where bacteria and germs multiply and cause illness to humans. The following are the symptoms you need to watch out for: stomach pain, loose watery stools, abdominal cramping, bloating, fever, vomiting, nausea, and fever, mucus in stool, chills and headache.

Preventive measures:
1. Avoid munching foods from roadside foods or street vendors
2. Avoid raw or undercooked meat
3. Drink boiled water
4. Stay well hydrated
5. Wash your hands frequently
6. Include probiotics in your diet

D. Cholera:
Cholera is a deadly bacterial disease caused by Vibrio cholerae. Poor sanitation, lack of hygiene, contaminated food and water are the main causes of the disease. The individuals will usually experience stomach cramps, severe watery stools and vomiting. If cholera is detected, the person requires immediate treatment as it can lead to death immediately.

Preventive measures:
1. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
2. Maintain proper personal hygiene and better sanitation
3. Before consuming fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly with water
4. Use hand sanitizer regularly.

E. Typhoid:
It is a waterborne disease caused due to contaminated food, water and poor sanitation. The common symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat and weakness.

Preventive measures:
1. Maintain proper sanitation to reduce the risk of transmission
2. Thorough washing of hands is a major step to prevent typhoid
3. Avoid drinking contaminated water.
4. If you are under typhoid treatment, follow your doctor’s advice and keep taking antibiotics as per doctor’s instructions. Don’t ever miss any antibiotic dosage. For effective and quick delivery order medicines online and get the medicines delivered at your doorstep.

We have listed a few of the precautionary measures which you can follow to evade monsoon diseases. If your symptoms are worsened, get medical care immediately. Proper diagnosis and treatment can help you ward off diseases and can make you stay healthy and fit throughout the monsoon season.