7 Must Watch Series On Netflix

Do not waste your time surfing on netflix, watch these 7 top list netflix series

7 Must Watch Series On Netflix
must watch netflix series

Netflix is the largest platform to watch movies and series of every genre.But, sometimes it becomes a little bit hectaic to find out what to watch, because merely it is not always possible that you select an exemplary content.Here i will save your time and you will not be ragged a great deal with searching on netflix.

Peaky Blinders:

This is the most admired series on netflix.It is a combination of alluring romance, thrill , crime, drama, suspense and above all it shows the never-ending love for family and blood relations.This classical series features the struggle of a man known as Thomas Shelby to convert his black business into legal terms in times of old England in Birmingham.His brothers and other loyal friends come up with a street-gang known as Peaky Blinders.In this drama and thriller piece of art the protagonist carves his way to a beautiful love life but later is followed by many hardships such as losing his loved ones, but he never gives up.

The Witcher:

The witcher is a gothic fictious tale starring Henry Cavil as Geralt of Rivia.He is isolated from the world and prepared as a transmute monster to fight creatures and monsters of early times.He strives to fight his place in the world where he finds normies as human monsters and decievers.Do watch this fantastic series, whose 2 seasons are being aired and more are to shoot.I am certain that you won't be able to resist to complete  the series after watching 1 episode.

Breaking Bad:

This is also a most watched series of the netflix.It is a realistic piece of creativity by Vince Gilligan.This is a dark crime drama that stars Bryan  Cranston as Walter white a chemistry teacher at the high school.He gets involved into making methamphetamine on disclosure of his cancer to pay off his medical debts, whereas later his priority becomes to lead a luxurious life, despite his sickness.


This is an attic series full of thrill, romance, discoveries, and religion.This masterpiece is produced to show the old-saxon period, where Normans are the prose.Rangnar Lothbrok an ordinary farmer wills to explore the seas and new lands to raid, and his self struggle to find a better belief and God.He over throws many kings  and clergy and becomes the king of Norway.It is a best collab of sensational romance, thrill and wars.Vikings valhalla is another this type of series which is tempting to watch.

Haunting Of The Bly Manor:

This super-natural and gothic fiction series features a young governess who goes to  a town to look after two children.She starts undergoing many super natural encounters which are later followed by increased paranormal activities taking place in The Bly Manor.This drama is full of suspense, so if you love to solve the mysteries,turn on your netflix and go ahead.

Dahmer-Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer story:

Jeffry Dahmer was a complex kid from childhood.His father made him practise the experiments on the roadkills.As he grew up he had developed a sense of great attachment with blood and human organs, as he was not looked after by his mother or father through a proper broughtup.The most obnoxious thing to be noted is that he developed  the desire of sexual need through blood and pain  of innocent, which gradually made him to attempt murders,where as it was not just the murder he massacared men for his sexual and mental satisfaction and became a serial killer,yet now he is notorious as the Cannibal of Milwaukee.This compulsive series can also be termed as a documentary which you must add to your must watch list.


This gothic mystery is the continual series of the movie The Addams Family 1994.This series features a girl who belongs to an outcast background and herself is an outcast.Wednesday Addams extremely mysterious and unpredictable girl is  sent to an academy known as Nevermore Academy where all outcasts of different flaws are sent to flourish.In nevermore, she tries to solve a murder mystery followed by many tragic movements.This is an amazing creation and worth watching.