You like to run?
You have a dog run?

Do they run together?

If you answered yes to the three questions, this will interest you a lot.
Beyond the benefits that we all know you have an active lifestyle, running with your dog can give you extra benefits that make this activity not only do you good physically but emotionally and mentally .

1. Being with your dog helps reduce stress levels.

Running is a great stress relief valve and if you add that the levels of cortisol, the hormone that is released when you are stressed, decrease with the presence and company of a dog, running with your dog helps you to finish even more relaxed.

2. Running accompanied always motivates you more.

Hence, experts recommend that you have an exercise partner, to motivate you. This is the best partner in the world because he is always available and happy and because he does not complain about anything.

3. You are protected.

A dog, regardless of size, will always be a great protector of its owners, whether it barks to tell you something or that with its mere presence away any intruder, will always see for you. Likewise, if one day something happens to you, do not doubt for a second that your dog will find a way to bring you help?

4. Your dog is not lazy to go running and will get you out of bed.

Your dog does not care if it’s 5 o’clock in the morning or if it’s cold, he always wants to go out and he’ll do his best to get you out of bed.

5. Your dog will not laugh if you fall.

We hope it does not happen to you and that if it happens to you, do not hurt yourself, but if it does happen, your dog will not laugh at you, so it will only hurt the fall but not the ego.

6. You can concentrate more.

Unlike when you run with friends, your dog is not interested in talking or gossiping and this allows you to concentrate more on the exercise, but if you are one of those who like to talk, nobody will listen to you and better than your dog. Best of all, he will not tell anyone.

7. Your dog will do everything possible to keep up with you.

With your dog you do not have to worry about being able to follow your step, it will naturally. Be prudent and if you have a small puppy or an old dog and do not force it more than you can but normally your dog will be happy if
you decide to run faster or if today you just want to walk.

If you run with your dog, always remember to give water and take care not to be too hot because they do not sweat like us. You must also take care of your diet because a more active dog needs to eat more protein to stand your ground.


7 Benefits of running with Your Dog

7 Benefits of running with Your Dog

7 Benefits of running with Your Dog

7 Benefits of running with Your Dog
7 Benefits of running with Your Dog

7 Benefits of running with Your Dog
7 Benefits of running with Your Dog

7 Benefits of running with Your Dog