7 ITSM To Follow in 2019

7 ITSM To Follow in 2019

7 ITSM To Follow in 2019
7 ITSM To Follow in 2019

ITSM trends are subject to constant change. Similar to services such as internet packages that change with advancing technology ITSM must also adapt. This need to adapt has led to software like Fresh service that allow for effective management of IT services. This software let you schedule and automate tasks, as well as offer different ways to provide support. Tools like it are popular amongst ITSM providers the world over.

What is ITSM?

Before moving onto ITSM trends for 2019, let’s get a clearer understanding of what it is. IT Service Management (ITSM) refers to everything your IT department does. From managing your network security to resetting your passwords. It also involves fixing the printers in your office. Consider any service that your IT team provides as an IT Service.
Now that we have a clearer understanding of ITSM, let’s look at some of the trends to follow in 2019.

7 Trends You Can Follow in 2019 for Improved ITSM

There is a debate between the ITSM communities regarding the acceptance of the concepts of DevOps. Some are of the opinion that DevOps should be embraced rather than rejected. But this is a discussion topic for another blog. For now, let’s leave it out of the trends to look forward to in 2019.
Here are 7 Shifts in ITSM that will rule 2019:

  • AI on the Rise
  • ITIL 4 is Nearly Out the Door
  • ITSM’s People-Based Issues
  • IoT Devices
  • Security Breaches
  • Growth in ESM
  • Improvement in Customer Experience
    1. AI on the Rise

Artificial Intelligence seems to be the hottest trend in 2019. AI is likely not going to replace any roles just yet. But, it is expected to make leaping advances in the year. Starting with discrete small tasks and working its way up to managing boring and repetitive tasks. ITSM is gearing up to embrace AI as it develops its capabilities to ITSM professionals with their daily tasks.

    1. ITIL 4 is Nearly Out the Door

ITIL 4 is the latest version of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This newest version is launching in 2019, and anticipation is high. The ITSM community is already wondering if the framework is ‘outdated’ or difficult to consume. ITIL is a strong brand, but users would not be likely to spend on a product that is sub-par to alternatives that are available in the market.

    1. ITSM’s People-Based Issues

It’s no secret that ITSM suffers from ‘People-Based’ issues. These are separate from those related to technology and/or process. 2019 is trending towards addressing these issues and coming up with workable solutions.

    1. IoT Devices Remain on the Rise

Most people fail to realize just how advanced IoT devices have become, over the recent years. Thermostats, smoke alarms, toasters, microwaves, coffee machines, and washing machines are all IoT devices. But that’s not the extent of IoT technology anymore. The technology has moved out of the household and into your office and your cars. IoT devices are set to develop further and trends suggest that we will be seeing a lot more of them around the workplace in 2019.

    1. Security Breaches

Security risks in 2019 are expected to be higher than ever. Cybercrimes have increased exponentially year after year. 2019 does not seem to be able to outrun the epidemic. ITSM is expected to increase the security of networks and data in efforts to prevent security breaches. However, in the likelihood of a breach, there should be emergency protocols in place. Some of the most damaging breaches are the ones that slip unnoticed for months. Similar to the one that occurred with Microsoft Outlook recently. The breach went unnoticed for months and cybercriminals were able to access user emails for the first quarter of 2019.

    1. Growth in ESM

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is no longer just a tool for ITSM. Although it was developed as such, businesses have found more potential uses for it. in addition to ITSM support, ESM is also being deployed as a support platform for human resources, legal and other internal departments within the enterprise.

  1. Improvement in Customer Experience

Finally, IT Services are trending towards being more consumer focused. Traditionally, ITSM teams focused primarily at achieving results, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. Now trends are shifting and ITSM is working towards further increasing value to the organization. We can expect to see ITSM teams deliver better customer experience in 2019.


ITSM trends indicate that IoT devices will continue to rise in 2019. Observing the customer service trends followed by providers of spectrum TV packages and services has influenced ITSM. It is now trending towards providing better customer care and adding more value to the company. ESM is being developed to improve other departments of the business. However, security threats will continue to rise. ITSM must develop breach protocols to counter and minimize data losses.