Are You Designing Moneymaking Personalized Pizza Boxes?

Are You Designing Moneymaking Personalized Pizza Boxes?

Are You Designing Moneymaking Personalized Pizza Boxes?

According to IBIS World’s March 2019 report, the pizza market in the US is growing at an annual rate of 1.6%, with a high percentage of Americans wallowing in pizza at least once a week. As the number of food delivery apps and sites continue to grow, pizza is dominating with a large market share when it comes to takeout and delivery service.

Though this trend may benefit the larger pizzerias, the pressure will continue to build on independent pizzeria shops as they have to keep pace with increasing consumer demand for speed while maintaining the safety and quality of food.

Due to these market dynamics, it is more crucial than ever for brands to harness the power of the pizza box. You can no longer treat it as a piece of corrugated container to deliver pizza. In this age, modern brands consider as a medium to communicate with their customers, many of whom may never visit your shop.

The March 2018 IBIS World report revealed that an average customer spends no less than 10 minutes engaging with their pizza packaging after delivery. This presents brands with a brilliant opportunity to improve customer experience with their personalized pizza boxes that reflect a deliberate product presentation.

Using personalized pizza packaging boxes will enable independent pizzerias to make consumers feel good about their product and brand even before they consume it. The tailor-made pizza boxes provide you an opportunity to reinforce your shop from a design perspective while promoting your business in a grand way.

Below are some unique ways to design moneymaking personalized pizza boxes.

Set Your Personalized Pizza Packaging Apart

Rather persisting with a traditional box design, its best to opt for a unique design that can drastically improve your customer experience. Personalizing your boxes with intriguing graphics, delightful colors, and refreshing content can help communicate to customers what sets your product or brand apart from others.

For example, The Legacy Printing helped a Chicago-based pizza chain to create unique packaging boxes for its pizzas that advertises fresh ingredients, tremendous value, and franchising opportunities.

Print Health Benefits on Your Pizza Boxes

While FDA bounds you to print calories and other nutritional values on your standard menu items, going beyond this compulsion can segregate your brand and product from others. You can also highlight health benefits by drawing arrows or printing customary artistry to promote the use of toppings or ingredients that can use as super foods.

Pointing towards antioxidants qualities or creatively accentuating your organic selections can also make your custom printed pizza boxes stand out while swaying your customers to become repeat purchasers.

Get QR Codes on Your Packaging Boxes

Embedding QR codes in product packaging is another interesting way to engage consumers. Think of QR code as a paper-based hyperlink that connects the physical world to the virtual sphere. Consumers can scan these codes using any smart device. These codes will direct consumers to mobile landing pages that have tons of information, ranging from giveaways to coupons and social media pages.

Pizzeria shops that often rotate specials or change their menu would fell in love with this technology as printing this information often causes issues. However, QR codes give pizzeria owners the room to make changes when necessary.

Share this Pizza Box on Social Media

Besides integrating QR codes, you can also use the power of social media to engage more customers. For instance, by offering a giveaway and pairing it with a unique hashtag. i.e. share this pizza box, you can encourage consumers to snap the picture of the pizza box and share it on social platforms to get a free dessert or side order.

Domino’s is an excellent example in this regard. The international pizza chain hesitantly introduced a series of pizza boxes with bright, end-to-end color. It was a daunting decision to invest in the new box-manufacturing process but it paid great dividends as the brand received an excellent response from the public.

Highlight the Recyclable Material of Packaging

Today, a high percentage of restaurants and pizzeria brands are using food containers that can be recycled, if there is no grease or food residue. An easy way to keep the pizza boxes cleaner and boost their ability to be recycled is to use corrugated liner packaging. And if you are already using eco-friendly material, there’s no harm in bragging about it as this packaging shows your shop’s sustainability efforts.