A List Free CRM Software for Online Selling Startups

A List Free CRM Software for Online Selling Startups

A List Free CRM Software for Online Selling Startups
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A List Free CRM Software for Online Selling Startups.Maintaining good relationships with your customers is the key to succeeding in your business. We call this Customer Relationship Management. A customer is always right, you might have heard of it a lot. But not many would tell or teach you how to provide the customer with an extraordinary experience. From holding a meeting at the client’s convenience using services like Team Viewer to answering the customers’ queries on time. A business (especially a startup) need to go the extra mile to please the customer.

To help you perform well, here’s a list of some free CRM software.


HubSpot is a free CRM system that allows companies to manage contacts as well as deals. You will also get access to features like live chat and chatbot if you use this software. Apart from this, you will get to enjoy numerous other features by opting for this software. These include the following:

Contact and pipeline management

Email integration including email extension and tracking
Lead capture
You will even find it easier to manage all the conversations. As the software includes a conversations inbox that allows users to keep all conversations in one place. Other than the features, the users like the ease with which they can set HubSpot up. However, there is a downside to installing this software. You will have to pay a fee if you want to up your game a bit. As the basic version will allow you to use some features. But the cost isn’t too high. That’s good news.

Fresh sales

Fresh sales is an intuitive CRM. What makes it a favorite among people is the fact that the software comes with numerous customization options. From contacts to pipelines to sales activities, you can customize them all according to your liking. It also has a built-in phone that offers multiple calling features. Not only this, but you also get access to email integration. And the two-way email system lets the sales rep work more efficiently. Thus, making this software an ideal one for selling startups.

Not only this, but the mobile app that the software offers makes it easier for the sales reps to manage the on-the-go sales efficiently as well. It comes in a free version as well as premium versions that are three in number. They are Blossom, Garden, and Estate. The different plans vary in their offerings. The prices of these plans reflect the number of features that the paid versions offer.

However, there is a downside to using Fresh sales. The software does not pull social media feed from Twitter and Facebook - an ignoble flaw. Other than this, it is a great software to opt for that comes with a user-friendly interface.


Zoho offers an array of features in its free version. This leaves you with no worry for the features being too basic. The best part about Zoho is that it is not only a contact management software. In fact, the software won’t manage the contacts for you at all. The developer designed a separate app for that purpose. The sole purpose of Zoho CRM is to provide you with a package that makes it easy for you to manage your sales and leads. The plans that the software offer (in case you want to opt for any) differ based on the communication channel availability, number of records and custom modules.

Designed for small as well as medium-sized businesses, Zoho offers the following features for free version users:

  • 1 GB storage
  • Web forms
  • Product customization
  • Workflow management
  • Other than these, you also get access to features like standard reports and feeds for team collaboration.


This CRM software has a very capable contact management system. Apart from that, you will also get access to a powerful marketing automation platform if you choose to use Agile. This automation platform makes use of customized triggers that will help you to engage your prospects not only through emails but social media and text messages as well. This platform is ideal for both B2 and B2C businesses. It comes free unless you want to opt for some premium features that will come at a price.

Summing Up

Hope this helps you to choose the right software for your startup. Because they are free, you do not have to worry about an additional cost. However, at the beginning of your business, you will also need to build a strong relationship with your clients. I would suggest not to compromise on that. Opt for a good platform like Team Viewer for this purpose. You can check the Team Viewer pricing on their website. The platform will help you to connect to clients who reside out of the city or even out of the country.

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