Brampton Luggage System and Brampton Bags

Brampton Luggage System and Brampton Bags

Brampton Luggage System and Brampton Bags
Brampton Luggage System and Brampton Bags

Brampton Luggage System and Brampton Bags.Brompton designed their folding bike to be adaptable to any situation so it would meet the demands of all its riders. They incorporated a luggage system to easily attach six different Brompton bags directly to the frame of their folding bike. This is the best way to quickly expand your storage space on the bike.

Various Brompton bags are designed for different uses but there is something they have in common. They all attach directly to the frame for improved balance and handling. So if you're looking to carry more on your Brompton folding bike adding a luggage system and Brompton bag is the way to go. Read more about Brompton Bags here.

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You're Average BionXBike Motor Enthusiasts

We love the BionX electric bike kit and so do many other people. The enthusiasm for this high quality product is so great there are whole blogs dedicated to the subject. I am talking of course about the BionX Bike Motor blog. With weekly contributions from average riders it is a wealth of personal experience. Check it out for more information.

The BionX bike is something unique in the world of electric bikes. It is actually a normal bicycle with electric motor installed. That means people can ride any style of bicycle, the one they really love, and still enjoy the sophistication of the world's best electric bike kit.

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Ezee Forza: Bicycle With Electric Motor

The bicycle with electric motor is a relatively new technology but one which is developing rapid popularity and acclaim. Though many people have never seen a bicycle with electric motor they have often heard stories from friends and family of this incredible evolution of the bicycle.

An excellent example of such a bicycle with electric motor is the Ezee Forza. This electric bike uses quality bicycle components and an advanced electric system. It's one of the most popular bicycles with electric motor we carry.

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Folding Bikes: Better in the Winter?

Riding a bike year round is a difficult task. Even if you have the right gear, things like snow and ice can really be dangerous for a cyclist. What happens if you find yourself caught in a blizzard while you're on a bike? Cabs and trains aren't really accommodating for full-size bicycles. The only way to ensure a convenient commute is to use a bike that folds.

During the winter, a folding bicycle is the best way to go. If you find yourself caught in a snow storm, it's easy to toss it in a taxi or hop on the subway. You also don't have to worry about theft or rust from parking your bicycle on the street. Your folding bike can fit on the elevator and travel up to your office. Read about the advantages of riding a Folding Bike in the Winter.

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Freewheels Winter Reading List

We love commuting through the winter. Despite the cold weather and the road conditions, it's still more fun to ride a bike than to take the subway. Then we have a day like today, where the icy roads and freezing rain make it difficult to drive a car, let alone a folding bicycle. On a day like today, I grit my teeth and hop on the train.

For those days where you can use some reading material during your commute, we're here to help. The new NYCeWheels Books and Movies section is a small selection of media geared toward the bikes we carry. We don't have a lot to choose from right now, but the Brompton Folding Bike book is a great read for folding bike enthusiasts, as well as the Brompton DVD. For electric bike riders, the Complete Guide to Electric Bikes is the way to go.

Keep checking back because we'll be adding to this section as we find more and more literature that we like.

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Philadelphia: Electric Bikes In the City of Brotherly Love

Since NYCeWheels is based out of New York, we're a little biased when it comes to places to ride your bike. Of course, there are other amazing cities for bicycle riding, and they usually aren't littered with potholes, pedestrians, and crazy taxi drivers. One of my favorite places to visit on an electric bike is Philadelphia, PA, home of the Phillies, the Liberty Bell, and Pat's Cheese steaks.

A stone's throw from the Big Apple, Philly is an awesome weekend retreat. It's like a mini New York: flat, close together, and filled with amazing bike lanes. Riding an electric bike in Philadelphia is even arguably easier because everything is in such close proximity. Check out the Best Electric Bikes for Philadelphia.

Tips For Addressing Electric Bike Range Anxiety

Have you been looking into getting an electric bike but find yourself coming back to apprehensions about range and battery life? Well then you should read this article on electric bike range anxiety.

It is natural to have concerns about a new product but the truth is all of our electric bikes can easily take you 20 miles per charge with a bit of pedaling, some even further. In this article you'll find some helpful tips on how to conserve battery power while still getting full function from your electric bike. Read more about electric bike range anxiety.

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Portland: Electric Bike Capital of the Country

If you live in Portland, Oregon, chances are you already own a bike. The self-proclaimed cycling capital of the U.S. has a higher percentage of bike commuters than any other city in the country. There are bike lanes and bike racks on almost every street, and there's almost always some sort of parade or festival celebrating the two-wheeled wonder.

Taking that next step from public transportation to everyday cyclist can be daunting. If you're looking to start commuting every day in Portland, an electric bike is a great idea. It's not as exhausting as a regular bike, but it can be great fun and great exercise. We took a look at some of the Best Electric Bikes for Portland riders. If you live in the bike capital of the country, why not take advantage of it?

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3 Advantages of a BionX Electric Bike

BionX electric bikes have long been know for their high quality and performance but do you know the 3 advantages of a BionX electric bike? These few key factors have led to the rapid growth in popularity of the BionX electric bicycle motor kit around the world.

The truth is, when you take a look at these 3 simple traits that distinguish the BionX electric bike from any other, it's easy to see why so many people end up considering a BionX electric bike kit over any other.

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Why Buy A Compact Bike With Motor?

A compact bike with motor is the only electric bike to have in the city. There really is no way for most people who live in urban areas to own full sized electric bikes unless they have some way to store them inside. For most, this is impossible.

That's why smaller more portable bikes with motor have become more common in major cities around the world. Some of the best electric bikes these days are in this class of compact bike with motor. To learn more about the advantages of these smaller electric bicycles read our article on the compact bike with motor.