Creamy Coffee Delight

This Appetizing And Delightful Desert Course Includes All the Savoury Taste That You Need to Try At Home.

Creamy Coffee Delight
Creamy Coffee Delight
Creamy Coffee Delight

Everyone loves coffee,either it is summer or winter the coffee lovers cannot keep aside their desire for coffee.Some individuals prefer black coffee while some like coffee with milk.I usually prefer creamy latte, hey you can add up what do you like to drink.


      Whipping Cream

      3 Eggs

      1 Cup Flour

      Half Cup Oil

     Half Cup Milk

     Ground Coffee

     1 Tb Spoon baking powder

     4 Tb spoon cocoa powder

     Half Cup Sugar ( cup can be any size of your measurement)

Preparation Of Ingredients:

Whippy whip is a cream that becomes fluffy on beating and even more fluffy when refrigerated.Blend the coffee and  whipping cream with electric blender so it becomes woolly,keep it aside and refrigerate until the other batter is prepared.

Preparing The Coffee Cake:

Blend  3 eggs and the half cup of sugar until it becomes thick,now add the halves of milk and oil respectively.

On the other hand stain the flour  into a handy bowl,now add the baking powder,2 table spoons of ground coffee and cocoa powder of their required quantities and mix well.Add the liquid batter into the dry flour and mix well untill it completely becomes a thick chocolaty mixture.

Baking The Cake:

Now pour the batter into a pyrex bowl of your desired shape and bake it for 6 minutes in microwave oven.

Arranging The Layers for Creamy Coffee Delight:

Cut the coffee cake into different size of slices and arrange first layer on the surface of the bowl,now take out the whipping cream and pour onto the first layer,now add up a second layer and por the cream onto it and sprinkl some ground coffee on it and refrigerate for half an hour until served.


Serve this luscious dessert with some kitkats and,and enjoy the most convinient coffee dessert course,prepare at home feel like at resturaunt.