Fashion Icon Of Pakistan ; Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Pakistan's leading fashion designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha is not coming slow with his exquisite designer wear.

Fashion  Icon Of Pakistan ; Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha is one of the leading designers of Pakistan.His customary and traditional dresses have lured the attention of  not just Pakistanis  but Indians and people around the world.I will not be mistaken if I enunciate MNR as the fashion pride of Pakistan.He has designed many classy formals and bridal wear.

MNR is the symbol for his good name, and he labels his dresses with classic names according to their embroidery and design.Chambeli , Nazneen, Saba , Abroo and Gul-e-Maryam  are his latest hit artistic creations.Nazneen is the most eye captivating and royal ensemble that any woman can put on and feel  royality


Pakistan's fashion  is conquering the hearts of whole world.The royal embellishment on dresses are so mesmerizing that people around the world cannot resist to  put on pakistani traditional bridal ensembles.India's actresses are turning towards Mohsin Naveed Ranjha's iconic and luxurious designs.Sara Ali Khan  and Jhanvi Kapoor have manifested their keen fascination to the designer wear of pakistan.They have been posing in our mughal inspired heritage designs.

Moreover, not only India, our fashionistic dresses were also worn in a Marvel Series.. This is a proof not only Pakistanis replicate the western fashion, but they are aslo inclined towards our fashion sense.

MNR is designing dresses according to the pakistani and muslim culture and tradition, it lacks nudity, presenting a picture of exquisite and royal outlook of brides. His work needs to be motivated and promoted.So, whenever the wedding bells are going to toll,stop thinking what to wear just open MNR's wardrobe and you will find a perfect traditional and artistic design to have on and steal the show.

His metallic threadwork embroidery on lush fabrics make the ensemble way more graceful to be put on.Yadon ki manzil  and ek sham nigaar ke naam are the gold series of bridal wear.Highly paid models and classy peeps pose in these showy and glittery dresses making them worth to put on.