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Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes

Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes


Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes

Losing body fat can be tedious and when so much work is put into doing so with little or no results to show, it can definitely feel demoralizing. Most people go to great lengths to lose weight, trying both logical and illogical tricks, scientific and unscientific experiments. So much money is spent on getting a personal trainer and gym fees, not to mention the time and energy dispensed into all these. While some have seen results, others are not so lucky.

Confidence does not necessarily come from how beautiful or expensive your dress is but from the way you feel about your body in the said dress. You could be the best dressed in the room but if you’re not confident in yourself it will absolutely affect how you relate with others. So how do you get that body confident feeling?

Here are some of our favorite, simple fat loss tricks proven to help you lose weight in the shortest time possible. You’ll have that weight loss and that dress back on in no time at all.

Keep a Diary

Keeping a journal helps keep you on track during this weight loss journey. In your diary, you can write your daily activities, exercises, meals, weight, etc. You could even put down how you feel, your achievements (no matter how big or little), and your disappointments. This way you’re abreast with your progress and emotions.

There are some apps that offer these services. They even go a step further in creating a calculator to enable you to calculate your calories; so with each food or snack you take in, you input it into this calculator and you can keep an accurate picture of the number of calories you have consumed.

It can serve as a check for you, so each time you’re tempted to take in that ‘guilty pleasure’, you might think twice on the calories contained in them and resist the urge.

Think About What You Should Eat, Rather Than What You Shouldn’t

Studies show that what you eat has more effect on your weight and general health than exercises and caloric limitation. Eat more low-carb vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, raw almonds, foods high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, lots healthy protein, etc. and avoid processed foods that are high in saturated fat and salt and sugar.

Cut Your Sodium Intake

Make sure your meals are low in sodium as too much salt can cause high blood pressure and other heart-related diseases. Also, too much sodium intake causes your body to retain water which invariably causes you to look heavier than you actually are.

Drink More Water

You should drink lots of water, as water also increases your metabolism and helps burn calories. Moderate intake of green tea and plain coffee are also great to weight loss tricks but do not go overboard as too much caffeine can definitely cause health issues.

Eat Smaller Portions

Instead of taking heavy meals 2 or 3 times daily, take meals more regularly but in smaller portions as this will keep your metabolism active, reduce feelings of hunger and help burn calories faster. In addition to eating smaller portions of food, you should also eat HEALTHY snacks.

Eat Slowly

Also, eat slowly and gently. When you rush through your food, your body can’t tell when it’s full and you end up eating more helpings.
Eating slowly makes it possible for your brain to communicate with your stomach, and tell it when you’ve had enough to eat.

Increase Your Workout Intensity

Exercise consistently and aim towards building your muscles; this helps burn calories faster. Do yoga, use weights while squatting, take up pilates, etc. However, do not push yourself to the point where you can’t move. That’s why it is advisable to take a day off after 3-4 days of intense weight training.

If you’ve been engaging in low or moderate intensity exercises, it’s time to switch it up as those exercises won’t have the desired results you need. Do something energetic in between your everyday exercise routines. For example, if you jog for 20 minutes every day, 5 or 10 minutes into that, stop and do squats for 5 minutes and then continue jogging. High-intensity workouts will help you burn calories faster.

Move around instead of being immobile. If your job requires you to sit most of the time, then take walk breaks in between work and stretch yourself. While watching TV or talking on the phone you could lift weights. Just try and engage in activities that build your muscles and keep you active.

Get Adequate Sleep

No! sleeping won’t make you add more weight, instead adequate sleep has been proven to be as important for your health as exercise and diet. To get your desired results, you need to sleep and rest adequately. A healthy amount of sleep is about 7-9 hours. If you constantly sleep for lesser hours, you’re causing harm to yourself.

A study has shown that adequate sleep helps the body manage its fluid and sodium balance and this could lead to weight loss. In like manner, you should try as much as possible to de-stress. Your stress level could lead you to stress eat and then add more weight and when you’re tired there is little or no motivation to exercise or do any physical activity. Research has shown that when you have a high level of cortisol (the hormone released when stressed) in your body, losing weight becomes more difficult).

Go for a Body Wrap

Most people don’t know this but body wraps can help shed your weight temporarily. If you have an event that you need to look trim for urgently, this might just make the difference between the dress going on and the dress staying on the hangar. Body wraps can be done in spas and beauty salons, and they help tone your skin and give the illusion of a slimmer body.

But be cautious of which body wrap you use, especially if you have sensitive skin. Ask questions about the ingredients in the body wrap before use and consult your doctor if you’re on medications or have health issues.

Without taking pills or weight loss medications, there are lots of tricks that can help you achieve that 2 dress size weight loss. But remember, feeling good on the inside is just as important to your body confidence and body image.

Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes

Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes

Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes

Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes
Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes

Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes
Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes

Fat Loss Tricks That Will Help You Drop Two Dress Sizes


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