Feeling Real Sensations in VR - Threatening or Learning?

Feeling Real Sensations in VR - Threatening or Learning?

Feeling Real Sensations in VR - Threatening or Learning?
Sensation in VR

Early age of life, people used different methods to recall memories, understand information and teaching style changed with the passage of time. But now things are different methods and procedures changes, style of learning has advanced. Virtual reality has changed the mindset of many. The video experimental teaching has evolved the classroom settings. Virtual reality is another buzz word for educational sector just as AI.

To explain more about what VR can do when mixed with learning methods lets demonstrate it with research.
UMD research shows how people get recalled information through visual appearances. The concept of UMB experiment about memory palace, which shows people can remember or overlook an object or an item through an imaginary physical location, for example, a building or a city. This researcher brings out 40 recruiters which they split into a group of two. One group display information through a VR headset and then to the desktop and others done its total opposite. The result of this whole experiment shows 8.8% improvement in recalling information through the head set.

“The UMD team believes to lay premises on the VR and AI abilities for education”

Do you think history books are boring? Why you have to read and grasp the whole bunch of past incidence. But what if you would be taken to a real world where emperors and their servants are presented in front of you. Just put on the virtual headset and go back to the past where you will be indulging in real life scenario. The virtual reality will create a scenery of king of Scotland with an experience of Castle Sterling where the Scottish king resides. The children will experience this situation in their mobile phones. Children are the world can experience all sorts of history of British how it unfolded with a touch of Virtual reality.
With that been said, VR reality will take you to an exceptional learning style where whatever course you feel like is not suit your style will revive your learning style immediately. The web copywriting service
has created a VR game to encounter writing problems and vocabularies and spellings that need to be picking up and put it into the basket. Such as Maths, even I have problems with understanding what techniques can be used to solve a problem. VR is there for all students out there who escape from Math questions. Number game is the VR Gamification brilliant for learning fun ways to improve your Math skills. Just imagine you are playing counter strike with a little change into the background.

Corporate training and development methods-striving to the next level:
VR has now invaded in the environment of the corporate sector. Experimental is being popular not in the educational atmosphere but also in the setting of the professional world. Students most of the times search for business plan service for help and try to find learning tips. The VR has made it easier for making real-life ideas into reality. The study shows learning through experimenting improves the quality of learning and retention level to 75-90%.

Improving soft skills are quite easy now, VR will not only record your communications however, your speech, tone, use of filler words and can also upload their own presentations. The soft skills which are not taught in schools nor experience in the real world, therefore, it is necessary for the workplace. Many companies are emphasizing on the subject of diversity and inclusion with the help of VIR stimulation you can create such scenarios. Example of such is STRIVE is collaborating with Wal-Mart to experience a real-life scenario of a Black Friday sale. This collaboration was done to train employees to work according to the situation as they are prepared what will happen.
When I was reading a blog of Josh Bersin where he experiences stimulation of Wal-Mart where it feels like a real situation hearing people screaming, hearing noises of people. He explained the situation was totally real and somehow it feels very pressure as an employee. This tech can make every other person stressful and pressurized. But a helpful way to understand how can employees or a staff member serve its customers in the worst case scenario.

Autism and Alzheimer patient have a Guardian angel:

Autism kids have issues related to behavior, communication and non-communication skills as well as sensory and attention problems and can’t deal with other people.

The VR could be the guardian angel for those kids. As parents, teachers, and therapist have encountered a technology for helping them in communicating better and have a glimpse of the world around them. Many autistic patients have problems in public speaking and coping up with others VR helps them through an avatar audience. This audience gets disappeared when eye contact wasn’t made properly. The tech can help them in many ways to interact with them without making eye contact and making a scene to have cartoon characters, not humans to stimulate there speaking skills. Vibha and Vijay Ravindra have designed a VR program for Autism kids. The software has been so much helpful for the kids where teachers have seen marvelous results for kids who have moderate to severe autism 10 out of 12.

Be careful! as you might get tripped while using the VR Headset:

Talking about all the learning methods and benefit VR will perceive let find out how it will affect the humans as a threat. Well, if you observe a tech can be a threat and a useful instrument to form a global world.
If you talk about the threatening situation of this headset you will find the funniest thing. Remember do not play with the headset alone in the room. It’s quite dangerous!

One study of HTC’S VIBE says “While wearing the product headset you are blind to the world around you”. Obviously! You wearing a headset cannot see anything whether you get a trip from your own pets or a small thing laying on the floor or even from your family member.

A researcher at the interactive media and game division said:
"You can trip and hit your head or break a limb and get seriously hurt, so someone needs to watch over you when you are using VR. That's mandatory."

The visual focus might get blurred out:

The biggest concern about VR is that it might affect your eyes drastically. Professor Martin Bank has aware about the situation of using the head set will have tremendous health-related issues. He said, “One is how we affect the growth of the eye, which can lead to Myopia or nearsightedness”. Think about it logically if you wear your headset near your eyes it will directly affect you and when you take it off you feel a little dizzy and blurred out for a sec. The study has even shown signs of headache, eye strain, and worst case nausea. How it blurred our content? Suppose you see something and trying to focus on the object carefully. The two response you see are coupled together to show a better view. The virtual reality does the opposite of it. It separates the two coupled separately and confused the person.