Gilgit-Baltistan:5 most exquisite places to visit.

These 5 places in Gilgit Baltistan can refund all your tiredness and boredom with their spectacular nature and beauty.

Gilgit-Baltistan:5 most exquisite places to visit.
Gilgit Baltistan is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty. Unique landscapes, evergreen forests, cold deserts, snowcapped mountains, and great cultural heritage are the attractions. It is a famous tourist place and has always been a paradise for mountaineers, trekkers and landscape loving people.
Gilgit Baltistan is the heaven of Pakistan.Allah the Supreme Power has bestowed us with such a beautiful and fertile land.
Nature has been found to have a calming quality on our stress levels. Beautiful natural surroundings and scenery can feel like worlds away from our home and work life and consequently causes us to put any associated stress on the back burner. A study explored the effect of nature on the stress hormone cortisol.
So,if you are stressed out with your busy routines and need a space for yourself and family,gather your goods and chattels and hit the road to the earthly heaven Gilgit Baltistan.
Here, I would like to counsel you about the most divine landscapes and alluring valleys of Gilgit Baltistan, so you can visit without being ragged by guides.
Fairy Meadows:
Fairy Meadows is a grassland near one of the base camps of Nanga Parbat.It is a National park and grassland plateau used primarily as a launch point & campsite for mountain trekking.Fairy Meadows is famous for its lush green grass and is the heart of exotic Northern Pakistan.Th road to Fairy Meadows is known as one of the deadliest roads for trekking.

Sarfaranga Desert:
Sarfaranga desert also known as the Cold Desert in Skardu,Baltistan.It is a token of alluring beauty of white sand which symbolizes the exquisition of heavenly created desert by Allah.It is world's highest desert with celestial beauty.It is also named as Katpana Desert.

The Katpana cold desert is famous for being the highest desert in the world, standing at an altitude of 2226 meters above sea level. While the desert spreads over Khaplu and extends to Nubra which is situated in Indian occupied Kashmir, the largest part of the Katpana desert is found in Skardu and the Shigar Valley.
Deosai National Park:
Deosai is the combination of two words 'Deo' (giant) and 'Sai' (shadow). For centuries, it is believed that this place is haunted by giants, thus the name 'The Land of the Giants' came into being.

It is recognized as an internationally important site for the protection and conservation of the Himalayan Brown Bear, a critically endangered species.It is a high altitude alpine plain and  is considered to be second highest plateaus of world.
Naltar Valley:
This is the most spectacular scenic beauty of Gilgit. Naltar valley is famous for its three attractive lakes,Strangi lake, Blue lake and Bodlok lake.Ski competitions are held at Naltar Ski resorts.Moreover,Naltar is a magestic place to visit in Gilgit either for people to enjoy skiing or for people to enjoy the lush green lands and mountains.

Astore is the route to many beautiful heavens to such as Deosai,Domail and Minimarg.Minimarg is a place I cannot explain in my words.It is just worth seeing.You must must visit this place once.Do not go abroad for trips and tourism,just discover the mesmerizing heavens of Pakistan.I am not going to give any further notes just see this place yourself.

The landscape that makes up the valley is not only of a colossal beauty but is also, composed of large geographic variety and contrasts, offering the adventurous traveler endless trekking options, as well as the opportunity to get immersed in a culture which not many tourists have ever had the chance to experience.

Significance of Gilgit Baltistan:

Gilgit-Baltistan being the gateway to CPEC has become the most important area in the emerging regional scenario. Luckily the region also has immense potential for development of various large, medium and small scale industries including Minerals, Gemstones, Tourism, Fish Farming, Fruit Processing and Handicrafts etc.
The Gilgit Baltistan is famous for its magnificent glaciers and these glaciers feed rivers (River Indus) that accounts for 75 percent of the stored water supply in the country.
Tourism is an important sector of the economy which provides employment, income generation and improve living standard of people in Gilgit-Baltistan. Most of the tourism in GB is based on natural assets like forests, mountains, fresh water, and rivers. Several of mountaineering visits the GB every year.