Gryphus launches their collection of cannabis jewelry and accessories for US and Canada market

Gryphus launches their collection of cannabis jewelry and accessories for US and Canada market

Gryphus launches their collection of cannabis jewelry and accessories for US and Canada market

Gryphus launches their collection of cannabis jewelry and accessories for US and Canada market.High jewelry company Gryphus is celebrating the launch of it’s 420 line today on 4/20. The product line is based on an idea that came to the Founder of Gryphus, Martti Davis exactly a year ago on 4/20, which was to develop with his team of jewelers and designer a lineup of cannabis accessories and jewelry crafted with such quality that can be found in only few luxury products such as Swiss watches and high jewelry.

With other jewelry projects on the side Martti Davis and his team, who are based in Helsinki, managed to develop in a year an exquisite line of cannabis accessories and a high jewelry collection which they are launching today in the honor of 4/20 with hopes to bring something new and exciting to the growing 420 community.

Each of the products in the 420 line is a highly limited edition of 8 and each product is made to order with various bespoke options offered to the client without additional cost and the final design will be designed by the client together with the bespoke designer. Martti Davis hopes that this service will help each client to find nothing less than the perfect design for the product which will bring joy for years to come. 10 years of warranty is provided for all the products in the 420 line, as they are crafted to withstand daily use or wear for decades says Martti Davis and adds that he hopes to live up to his company’s name, Gryphus which means griffin in latin. Griffin is the legendary creature known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions.

The first products in the 420 line include women’s and men’s high jewelry collection and a collection of three different lighter and vaporizer designs by the name Flow, 420 and Nova.
The 420 model, which was designed to honor 4/20, features hand engraved guilloche underneath enamel, VVS diamonds & AAA Rubies from Africa, set on top of the lighter are baguette cut emerals, responsibly mined solid 18k gold details and platinum plating for the housing.
Martti Davis says that this design was inspired by the color of the enamel in the “Rocaille” Faberge egg, and that the concept was to add a modern twist to the classic style guilloche enamel jewelry. The 420 vaporizer uses the same materials and is equally impressive as the lighter, Martti Davis says that to fully appreciate the intricate details and craftsmanship, the products need to be seen in person, that’s why he’s planning on finding retail partners in US and Canada during this year.

The base price for the 420 model lighter and vaporizer (sold separately) is 4200 euros and each is a limited edition of 8, and comes in a mahogany presentation box along with the certificates of authenticity .

The Flow model features a design which is partially inspired by Art Deco era, on the design the part with the Gryphus logo resembles a burning joint with a custom cut tourmaline resembling the burning end. The smoke flowing out is resembled with a platinum plated design with VVS diamonds. 9 Green diamonds are set on sides and the top of the lighter and the surface has brushed finish to protect the lighter from scratching easily. The price for the lighter or vaporizer with Flow design is also 4200 euros. As all the lighters in the 420 line, Nova has Swiss made lighter mechanism.

The Nova model features black and white mother of pearl inlays, VVS Diamonds and emeralds along with baguette cut diamonds on top of the lighter, the name Nova (astronomical term) was inspired by the beauty of the mother of pearl.
The launch happens on
The Gryphus team did it’s best to bring something new to the world of cannabis jewelry with high jewelry grade craftsmanship and unique designs.

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