How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?

How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?

How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?
How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?

In recent years, the platform of Facebook has changed its policy of connecting Twitter posts or tweets automatically to your Facebook profile.

Now the users of Twitter and Facebook are unable to post their tweets on their Facebook wall. Facebook does not allow users to share unlimited tweets and re-tweets on Facebook profile.

When the users experience a similar issue, they need to go to the Facebook Help Center for further information or troubleshooting. Do not bother when Facebook is not sharing all of your tweets on the wall of Facebook; just try to explore the reason behind.

Don’t worry if your Facebook friends cannot see your Tweets on your wall?
If you are operating Facebook and Twitter two different platforms of social media, you wish to share your content on both platforms simultaneously.

A user of Twitter naturally wants to share his/her contents with friends on Facebook. If you wish so, you should update your privacy settings for Twitter and Facebook.

A.Check out your Facebook Application settings and select Twitter.
B.You will see the App privacy section.
C.Select "Friends" as the splitting option from the drop-down menu and your Facebook friends will now become able to see your Tweets.
Fixing the Problem in Sharing Tweets on Facebook Profile
Here is a technique to be applied for fixing the problem in sharing tweets on Facebook profile.

a)Visit the Apps tab, from the Settings menu on Twitter.
b)Explore the Facebook connection and click the Disconnect link.
c)Now, Sign out of both your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
d)Close your browser; clear your stockpile and cookies if you know how.
e)Open your browser and sign back into both accounts.
f)Navigate to your Twitter Apps settings and connect again.
Keep in mind that the replies and direct messages will not be uploaded on your Facebook profile. Your tweets will not update your Facebook status though it updates the Facebook News Feed.

Some more information about your Facebook and Twitter account

All human beings are not the same by nature. Many people do not want their friends to visit their Twitter account. Therefore, they never like to share any of their tweets on the Facebook profile.
However, Twitter will never share your tweets on your Facebook, and you also have another option of visiting your

Facebook profile setting and remove Tweets.

Facebook is still sharing my already removed Tweets
You must know about another fact of the removal of your tweets. Whenever you delete your tweet from your Twitter account, remove that from your Facebook profile as well. It is only because Facebook will not remove your tweets automatically.

But dear users of both social media platforms; you need not bother at all. In this article, I will give you some fruitful tips; how to connect your Twitter with the Facebook account so that you could quickly post and repost your Tweets on your Facebook profile.

    • Tips for connecting your Twitter account and your Facebook profile
    • Firstly, log in to the Twitter account you want to associate with your Facebook profile from the desktop of a computer.
    • Go to your Settings menu.
    • Now click a button to connect with Facebook.
    • If you are not previously logged in to Facebook, then you need to enter your Facebook login testimonials. Enter your references and click login to sign in to Facebook.
    • You will then undergo a prompt explaining that Twitter will receive specific data from your Facebook account. In order to continue, you must select Continue as [Facebook name].
    • You will then be prompted to choose the privacy settings for who will see your Tweets and Re-tweets posted to your Facebook wall. It is set to friends by default.
    • Then you need to click OK to accomplish the process.

Your Tweets and Re-tweets will now post to your Facebook wall, and your username will be displayed there as well. Replies will not be shared.

  • Tips for connecting your Twitter account to a Facebook page
  • If you already have a Facebook Fan Page, or you are the admin of one, you are invited to post Tweets and Re-tweets from your Twitter account to your Facebook Page.
  • You should follow the steps mentioned above to connect to your Facebook profile.
  • If you have not already adopted the above tips then visit your Apps settings and grant Twitter “manage pages” and "publish pages" consent for your Facebook profile.
  • Choose the page you'd like to connect to when you go to your Apps settings.
  • When incited, click to grant permission posting to the selected Facebook page.


Some Secret Privacy Notes

In order to check out and restrict unwanted visitors off your tweets, re-tweets, and username, you need to visit your Facebook App settings then click edit for the Twitter App to control who will see your Tweets and re-tweets on the wall of your Facebook.

The company will be responsible for securing your privacy unless you allow displaying your tweets, re-tweets, username, pictures and other information on the profile of your Facebook.

If you desire to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account, the Facebook authentication of dialogue screen specifies your Facebook account information that you allow posting with Twitter, adding your public profile and birthday.

The social network companies will cross-share between Twitter and Facebook. It will also improve the users’ Twitter experience by providing practical tips and contents on Twitter. If the users remove the Facebook account from Twitter, the social media companies will automatically remove all information about Facebook from

Twitter account.

Make Sure Your Internet connectivity is Working
Sometimes you connect your tweets with your Facebook profile despite applying all tips above mentioned. There may be an internet problem in browsing, so you need to make sure whether your internet connectivity is working or not.


I hope my article about how to Connect Your Twitter Account with Facebook will prove fruitful for you. If you connect your Twitter account with Facebook, you will succeed to get Twitter followers.

How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?

How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?

How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?

How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?

How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?
How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?

How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?
How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?

How Do You Connect Twitter Account with Facebook?