How To Ait-Benhaddou In Morocco

How To Ait-Benhaddou In Morocco

How To Ait-Benhaddou In Morocco
Ait-Behnaddou in Morocco

The very accessible spot from Ouarzazate and Marrakech, Ait- Benhaddou is a traditional town consist of the Mud brick houses, it is on the edge of High Atlas Mountains. Ait- Benhaddou is on the list of UNESCO world heritage. This site is used as the shooting purpose for Bollywood movies.

In Morocco, if you have plans to Ait Benhaddou, don’t go through the local buses because they won’t lead you to reach the destination directly. The buses go almost 20 kilometers away from Ouarzazate and drop you at the place from where you have to take another car to reach. So the better is to book the round trip with the taxi being in Ouarzazate. It will be so nominal and comfortable rather than useless adventure.
I whenever traveled in Morocco, the journey always brought me the alluring views. You will also experience the beauties of Morocco in a way to Ait Benhaddou from Ouarzazate, don’t forget to take photos on stopping on the eye-catching beautiful places.

If you are traveling from Marrakech, it is three hours long drive and makes a full day trip. It would be a fun trip if you arrange a private one and don’t try the local traveling. It will save you time and you can have the maximum time to explore the sight.

On reaching the destination, you will find two entering ways into the Ksour/Ksar. Now you are curious to know what is Ksar, It is the African term for Berber styled castles made on those times. Back to the ways, you can get to the Ksar by the new bridge built, the second is to cross the river by climbing on the stepping stones, that is funny by the way. You’ll be asked o pay for the entrance fee, kind of a tool of the area. So crossing the river on foot is better and funny too.
By reaching there, you will have so many breathtaking views on getting into the hilltop. It would be an adventure.

Do you have time to shop in the souks of Ait Ben Haddou? There are a small number of local shops and Bazaars selling the souvenirs and the households. The aircraft is an interesting and valuable present you can bring for the memories.

To eat, you may bring from Marrakech because trying foods in local restaurants may harm your stomach. Keep yourself healthy.

Ait is famous for its palace, one of Morocco’s best ancient monuments. And what makes it significant is that it is surrounded by the green mountains, the very natural place. If you are in Morocco. Ait is a residence for only a few families and yes, this destination still feels as special as when it was built in the old times, maybe centuries ago. Do you know that this place is also the set of one of the versions of Games of Thrones? That’s because of how much significant it is.
Going back from the place, if you are at your taxi, bound to bring you back to Marrakech or Ouarzazate, that’s fine. But if not, there are many public buses runs on the route on their times. So keep yourself informed about the local routes there if you have to adventure during your Morocco holidays.

When visiting Morocco and you are a history lover, Ait Benhaddou is obviously the spot not to miss.