How to Build a Sound Instagram Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Sound Instagram Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Sound Instagram Marketing Strategy
Instagram Marketing Strategy

The notion of branding is not relatively recent but with the advent of the internet, marketing techniques have taken a new form. Who would have thought an open-source website such as Wikipedia would turn into a marketing hub? The fact is that advancements in emerging marketing techniques have eventually encompassed all social media platforms.

As if social media platforms were not enough for socializing alone, marketers and brand experts are rapidly shifting to social media in order to establish their brand’s visibility, in turn, acquiring global attention. Consider Instagram for instance. According to Statista, the platform had over 1 billion active users in 2018 alone. Perhaps to your surprise, but this figure will only become higher.

This possibility of reaching out to over 1 billion users through a singular platform appears to have enlivened the attention of many marketers. Instagram marketing has, therefore, become an integral part of digital marketing albeit bagging global attention on social media is not as easy as it may seem. It is only as of the result of the arduous analysis, brainstorming and struggle that a sound Instagram marketing strategy shapes up.
For that reason, if you are considering improving your social footprint, here are some tactics you can employ:

1. Opt for influencer marketing

Most global brands have begun to collaborate with renowned influencers since it is one of the quickest ways to gain customer attention. However, that too has its own drawbacks. Firstly, not every influencer can be trusted. The YouTube feud between two popular beauty gurus Tati and James Charles is an example as to how your affiliated influencer could be working with your competitor.
As a result, only you face the loss, not the influencer. Hence conduct extensive research before settling on a certain influencer. Make sure both you and the influencer not only share interests but also the values your brand aligns with.

2. Accurate selection of hashtags

Hashtags play a great role in enhancing your visibility. Now Instagram has created a separate category for hashtags. Users can search for hashtags and find accounts accordingly. If you select hashtags befitting to your brand’s niche, the probability of your posts to appear in front of your targeted audience increase.
Never opt for the approach of bloating the volume of your posts with every trending hashtag you can find. This lowers your visibility and credibility on Instagram. You have to make sure you have optimized your selections by using keyword extraction tools for Instagram.

3. Find your brand niche

While digitalization has helped brands serve global audiences, it is better if you define the scope of your outreach beforehand. Some brands find it easier to target local audiences and some prefer expanding their scope on a worldwide scale. The marketing strategy you devise should always take into account these two essential factors.
It’s self-explanatory for a brand to know the best time to schedule posts and campaigns on a local level but if you want your campaign to run worldwide, your strategy will encounter many pitfalls in the wake of your failure to consider the best time to post content as well as how frequent your posts should be.

4. Produce content that drives engagement

User engagement is the key to a credible reputation on social media platforms. Figuring out the interests that drive users to your content is crucial to Instagram strategies. If you are unsure about what type of content generates the most traffic and engagement, use social media analytics tools to explore competitor content and streamline your posts accordingly.
The visual appeal of the photos and videos you post is another additional factor that helps induce user interaction. For some individuals, the content they can emotionally connect to captures their attention, while for some others it is the visual aesthetic and appeals itself. Once you know where the interests of your audience lie, you will quickly select the posts required for your strategy to bear fruit.

5. Market your Instagram on appropriate channels

Getting the attention of your potential customers is not something that can be achieved overnight; your shortlisted marketing campaigns will be effective only when you promote your Instagram on other existing marketing platforms too.
One helpful strategy is attaching links to your website that redirect to your Instagram account. It also works best when you add these social buttons for sharing on-site articles and blog posts. You can even choose to integrate your Instagram feed with your website’s landing page. Website visitors will know your brand has an active social media presence and chances that they will redirect to your account, will be higher.


With the upsurge in online competition, internet marketers are struggling to stand amongst the best. The key to success in this domain is frequent input of new ideas, meticulously designed marketing campaigns and special effort. Only when you do the extraordinary, you notice a difference in your brand’s online presence and repute.
Before you proceed to look for social media analysis tools, make sure your internet connection does not cause your efforts to falter halfway. Internet service providers affiliated with buy tv internet phone guarantee no such hindrances. So do not fret, you have the option to avoid connectivity pitfalls. With that said, good luck marketing your Instagram!