How to Find the Best MRI Centers in Bangalore?

How to Find the Best MRI Centers in Bangalore?

How to Find the Best MRI Centers in Bangalore?
Best MRI Centers in Bangalore

About MRI

The full form of MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a radiology technique that is used all over the world to produce detailed images of body structures. This technique makes use of radio waves and a strong magnetic field for the process of creating cross-sectional images of the tissues and organs of the body. It has become very useful for medical as well as research purposes all over the world. It has revolutionized the medical world as it made the viewing of hitherto difficult to scan parts of the body accessible to the doctors and researchers.

During the process of an MRI scan, a patient is made to slide in a special large tube, with a table-like structure in between where the patient is mounted. A large magnetic device and radio waves are then used to create an image of the patient onto the attached computer. The target areas of the body, organ or tissue are analyzed by the doctors using these images. The images produced by the MRI scan are very detailed and high resolution and can detect even the tiniest change in the structure if the target area.

Facts about MRI

  • An MRI scan differs from a CT scan or X-ray scan as it does not involve the use of ionizing radiations which are potentially harmful.
  • An MRI scan is a totally painless procedure. The only problem which can happen is in the case of claustrophobic patients. Such patients are given a mild sedative to help alleviate any uncomfortable feeling.
  • Also, patients who have any kind of metal device in their body due to medical purposes such as a pacemaker, or metal implants or chips around eyes, etc cannot be put through this procedure because the magnet used in the process can harmfully affect them.
  • The patients are usually given sedative medicine to relax and lie still during a scan so as to get maximum precision in the images obtained.
  • Sometimes the patients are injected with liquid intravenously so as to enhance the imaging of the specified area.
  • Any side effect of this procedure has never been known.

Uses of the MRI scans

The coming up of MRI scan was truly a watershed moment for the medical world. The doctors, researchers, and scientists were now able to view and examine the human body in a much detailed manner, that too, without using any invasive tool.

The following are the areas in which MRI scans became useful-

  • Cysts, tumors, and any other anomaly in the body organs.
  • Anomalies in the brain or over the spinal cord.
  • Anomalies or injuries of the joints, for example, the knees, back, etc.
  • The diseases of the abdominal organs like Liver etc.
  • Heart problems of certain types.
  • Screening of breast cancer for women facing a high risk of the same.
  • In the evaluation of any kind of pelvic pain due to endometriosis or fibroids in women.
  • Any anomalies in the uterus of the women which can be a cause of infertility.

The use and scope of MRI scan have been increasing and continues to increase with the advancement in technology and research.

Detection of Cancer by MRI scan

Due to the fact that the cancerous tissues send signals which are a little different from the other normal tissues, they can be detected by the MRI scans. Hence it can be beneficial from the health point of view to go through MRI scans occasionally so that any such disease can be timely detected and treated.

MRI scan in Bangalore

For somebody looking for an MRI scan in Bangalore, plenty of options are available since the city has about 50 scan centers for MRI. The areas of Jayanagar and Indiranagar at Bangalore have well-reputed MRI scan centers. The best part is that this does not affect its pricing as the service is provided at a reasonable price. In case a person wants to go for an MRI scan at Bangalore, it is advisable to go to less crowded centers as that will aid in getting better results due to the fact that the radiologists will be able to focus properly. Due to the high number of medical students in the city, the patients do not have much problem in getting important info about the medical facilities and their nuances.

It is advisable to be aware of the type of machines and technology which the patient will come into contact with beforehand. Usually, the field strength of 1.5 T is used for the MRI scan, and the maximum strength which is used is of 3 T. A consultation with the doctor must be made to understand the implications if any range outside these measurements is used. The patient should always be vigilant about all such aspects of the procedure.

Use online platforms to reach the best MRI center

Apart from considerations of the quality, a person is also bound to go for the cheapest and most affordable one. For this purpose, the best option is to make use of the online platforms which can give you a list of all the MRI centers in Bangalore. Additionally, a comparison of the centers can be made by the patient so as to reach the best option. These platforms help the users in making an estimate of the expenses that should be expected. For this, they make the user fill up a form to take the relevant details and show the results on their basis. In case a specific query has to be made by the user which can be answered only by direct contact, the person may send it to the site which then forwards it to the diagnosis center. The diagnosis center then contacts the person via contact details provided by him at the platform.

In case of an emergency situation like that of accidents etc, the person should not worry as there are hospitals and even MRI centers in Bangalore which are available 24/7. But such centers are only a handful, so it is better to make note of all the centers which offer this facility.