How to make a bouncy house experience safe for your kids?

How to make a bouncy house experience safe for your kids?

How to make a bouncy house experience safe for your kids?
Bouncy House Experience

How to make a bouncy house experience safe for your kids?

The picturesque settings of bouncers can add glitter to any children’s party theme. The sight of kids jumping and bouncing in it looks so adorable that you wish if these moments could stay forever. While all of that is true, you cannot afford to get casual with your planning. Setting up an inflatable house is a good idea, but you need to make sure that there is no injury or accident when the little ones play inside it. For that, following a few safety tips is a must.

General safety tips for bouncy house

  • Choose a suitable model of the inflatable castle for the concerned age group. You get different setups for toddlers, young children, and teens.
  • Whether the bounce house has been set up in a park or other area, parents and a trained professional should always be present there to monitor kid’s safety.
  • Be aware of the capacity of the different models so that only those numbers of children are allowed to enter an inflatable house at a time.
  • Remove all the sharp objects that your child may have before he enters the bouncy house. It can be shoes, jewelry, glasses, etc.

Don’t allow kids to carry food or drinks inside.

  • Guide your children how to play safely on the surface. Keep them away from entry and exit points and also the walls of the bouncer.
  • The moment you notice a change in the weather condition, for example, when it gets windy, stop your children from staying inside it. Let them out one by one. Also, if you notice that the bouncer is losing air, then again take your kids out of it.
  • These are standard rules on how to use a bouncer safely. Apart from them, you also have to be careful about certain mechanical aspects.

Technical safety tips for bouncy house

It is essential to follow manual instructions strictly to avoid any risk of injuries or accidents even if you hire a rental company to install it for you. At the time of hiring, make sure that the company is insured and its staff has received adequate training to supervise kids and the installation process. While being professionals, they will take the utmost care to ensure the safety and security of your kids; there are a few things that you can also check to make the whole experience even more secure.

  • Choose a spacious ground for setting up the bouncer away from tree branches, fences or power lines.
    Anchor the inflatable bouncers with long metal stakes that are drilled deep into the ground in the absence of the children.
  • Cover the surface with soft materials on the exit and entry points of the bouncer if you install it on the hard flooring of your room.
  • Select a flat surface for the inflatables to avoid damage to its material.

These are some of the fundamental rules that if followed will make your entire planning not only exciting but successful too. After all, you are doing it for the happiness of your kid.