ICEBERG Delicious Recipe

ICEBERG Delicious Recipe
ICEBERG Delicious Recipe


    • ICEBERG Delicious Recipe.Cocoa sponge cake: kind 24 x 30 cm 5 eggs ¾ cup of sugar ¾ cup of wheat flour 2 tablespoons of potato flour 1 tablespoon of cocoa
      Punch: a glass of boiling water for two tablespoons of on the spot espresso
    • Cream pudding 500ml milk three tablespoons wheat flour 2 tablespoons potato flour 2 yolks 2- three tablespoons sugar vanilla sugar or different
    • Topping with milk powder: 250 g butter half of cup sugar half of cup water 2 cups milk powder + 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons cocoa 15


1.Make the

Yolk sponge separated from the whites, and beat them with stiff foam. Add
sugar to the stiff foam from the whites, whisking it additional. Add one
egg yolk, preserve churning. Sift flour and cocoa, add to the froth,
gently combine properly with a spoon. Pour the dough right into a mould lined with
baking paper , go away the perimeters with out paper or lubrication.
Bake at 160-170 C about 35-40 minutes (to the so-called dry stick). Studzimy, pull the paper and reduce in half.

2.Pudding cream:

Boil a glass of milk, combine the remainder of the milk totally with egg yolks, each flours, sugar and vanilla sugar. Pour the egg combination slowly into boiling milk and stir it vigorously, taking care to not kind clods, prepare dinner for a second. Pudding lined with meals foil will forestall the pudding from forming on the pudding and let it quiet down fully.

Butter rub on the fluff and blend steadily including pudding

3.Milk powder mass:

Boil butter with water and sugar and permit to chill. Add the milk powder and blend to a cool mass. We divide the mass into two elements, add cocoa to 1 half, and two tablespoons of powdered milk to the opposite. The mass can be fairly easy, however it's essential rapidly coat it with the highest, as a result of it rapidly wysżeje.On the primary high of the dough lay out half the pudding mass and canopy the second biscuit high and lecture the remaining mass pudding. Minimize into half a sponge cake, soak gently with espresso and placed on a mass of pudding. The lots of milk powder are alternately full of a spoon between biscuits. Put the dough into the fridge to maintain it dry.

ICEBERG Delicious Recipe
ICEBERG Delicious Recipe

ICEBERG Delicious Recipe