Illegalization Of Abortion

The rising issue of abortion has lead to divergent opinions in the world with life-activists advocating its illegalization.

Illegalization Of Abortion
illegalization of abortion

Abortion is a medical procedure through which the pregnancy is ended.When a woman concieves a baby  and no longer wants to cultivate the embryo, she carries out abortion with the help of medical aid by doctors.

Whenever we hear about the word abortion it tolls a familiar bell about death.It is primary death of a life by the hands of the carrier.Some abortions are natural,like if a woman is internally weak and does not have sufficient tendency to carry out pregnancy, in these cases the babies die naturally , and this phenomenon is also termed as miscarriage.

  • Some pro-life activists propose a statement that a pregnant woman must be given the right to decide either she wants to sire the child or abort it before it enters the world.This is a confidential statement because many rape victims become expectant, but they cannot afford to sire or carry the child because of society and their personal lives, so they must be given the right to sire or abort.Whereas, the idea of giving the babies to organizations run by government can also be helpful in banning abortion.

Whereas, on the other hand according to the present situation of living world crimes such as, rapes and open sexual activities that can lead to pregnancies and eventually abortions,so continual abortions can threaten the continuity of human beings.Moreover,some women do not have the body capibility to concieve due to infertility,if abortions are stopped those babies can be broughtup by such infertile women.

  • Health activists propose many precautions regarding abortions, because it can lead to many diseases among which the  breast cancer is top-ranked.Breast cancer is one of the most fatal diseases caused by unsafe abortions due to disrupted structure of mammary glands.

Abortions can also be reduced if people conduct protected sex.Because, if someone is carrying unprotected sex then the baby is not responsible to pay for their conduct.It is a tantamount to murder, because it entails the termination of an already living life.

Within four weeks of gestation the embryo's heart begins to pump which is followed by the early formation of other body organs,so it can be agonizing for the young baby to suffer.

All the facts and figures tagged above are showing a heart rendering image of an innocent murder.Abortion should be banned and illegalized because it is a needless and condemnable practise regardless of all the rationales provided.