Introducing the Luxury iPhone XS Collection by Legend Helsinki

Introducing the Luxury iPhone XS Collection by Legend Helsinki

Introducing the Luxury iPhone XS Collection by Legend Helsinki
Luxury iPhone XS by Legend Helsinki

Legend, a company specializing in luxury electronics has launched their exclusive iPhone XS collection.

Being pioneers of the bespoke iPhone and Apple Watch,
Legend offers various customization options for each model in addition to the possibility of purchasing the devices as pictured.

Each device ordered through Legend's website is custom made to the customer's requested specifications with the most prestigious materials by a team of experienced artisans, each specializing in their particular craft such as hand engraving, stone setting, leather, CNC machining etc.
So customers could see the quality of their products in person, Legend is expanding their retailer network and welcomes inquiries about their wholesale program. Legend offers companies and shops the same bespoke possibilities as for private customers: designs that reflect the uniqueness and style of the client.
The new iPhone XS collection is only a small representation of the company's ability to customize Apple products and more can be discovered on their instagram @legendhelsinki and website.
These models can be further customized with precious stones, alternative inlay materials, custom logo, hand engravings, solid gold and more. Many of these options can be discovered in the Atelier section of Legend's website.

Each luxury iPhone XS and XS Max device from Legend features 512GB memory as standard and comes with a luxury presentation box which includes 24k gold earpods, custom-made leather pouch and a certificate of authenticity.
In addition to bespoke phones, Legend also pioneered the hand engraved Apple Watch concept and continues to offer the Tempo model in fourth generation with exquisite hand engraving and unique strap options.


The iconic gun barrel sequence of James Bond movies is the source of inspiration for this design. The machined back plate can be made from anodized aluminum with the color of choice, polished solid silver or polished gold plated silver. The shown design features black anodized aluminum back plate and a bronze-mixed carbon fiber logo with the "golden eye" pattern.
For the logo the customer can choose any inlay material from the Atelier section of the website or suggest any other material.


The Carbon collection features hard to obtain handcrafted premium quality carbon fiber. The unique patterns give a modern appearance and reflect light in an impressive way. The gold hues found in some of the patterns are bronze and compliment perfectly the sides and logos. Legend offers six unique carbon fiber patterns for the logo and back, shown in the product page pictures. In addition more traditional weaved and/or forged carbon fiber can be used in the design. For people who prefer darker appearance, Legend recommends a space gray phone due to the polished dark color of the sides matching well with carbon fiber. As with other models, Legend offers various bespoke options and is open to innovative design requests from the customers.


The Arabesque is the model inspired by Islamic art. The patterns are CNC machined on silver, gold plated and then filled with enamel paint which gives an inlayed appearance to the patterns. White mother of pearl inlays are decorating the center. The lines can be made in different color or pattern if requested. Alternative back plate can be used, such as solid silver.


The Cohiba model is Legend's tribute to the finest cigar brand in the world. The iconic Taino Indian head logo is made of solid 18 karat gold to emphasize the gold theme found in Cohiba's premium quality Behike cigars. The squares are machined into a solid silver plate and the spaces are filled with black enamel to give a unique inlaid appearance. Customization options for this model are limited but Legend offers space gray sides on the phone, hand engraved lower logo plate and platinum plated squares.


The Heritage pays tribute to Apple as a pioneering company in the world of personal computers. Going back to 1976, the "Apple Computer Co." logo with Isaac Newton was introduced, just a year before the iconic rainbow Apple logo. Legend has used both logos in this model to pay tribute to the roots of the company. The Newton logo can be engraved by hand, laser or relief laser(3D). For the rainbow lines of the apple logo Legend uses enamel paint on gold plated frame. The back is gold plated silver. Additional customization options are available such as custom apple logo or silver back like in the aurum bicolor model.

Aurum Bicolor

Aurum bicolor is the variation of the Aurum model, featuring mirror polished solid silver back and gold plated logos. As with other models, customers can choose the inlay on the apple from the various materials offered, including carbon fiber(six patterns), mother of pearl(four colors), solid precious metals and more. Also the back can be platinum plated if requested.


New colors and designs are available for the Corium model. Presented here are the peach colored crocodile leather model with white mother of pearl inlay in the apple logo and the python skin model that is especially designed for the Chinese market, featuring red color that symbolizes good luck in the Chinese culture and a detailed 3D laser relief engraved dragon inlaid in the apple logo. Customers can choose the back inlay material and color from various premium quality exotic leathers(lizard, sharkskin, ostrich, stingray etc) for their bespoke Legend Corium

IPhone XS.

Apple Watch 4 - Tempo
In addition to offering customized iPhones, Legend offers hand engraved Apple Watch model "Tempo", which is now available as Apple watch 4. Legend was the first company to put hand engravings on the Apple watch and continues to offer this unique product with unmatched quality - there has been some copycats.
Custom straps made from the finest exotic leathers and various finishes are available.