Joost de Valk, Founder of Yoast, Shares His Success Story Of Life

Joost de Valk, Founder of Yoast, Shares His Success Story Of Life

Joost de Valk, Founder of Yoast, Shares His Success Story Of Life
Founder of Yoast

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I’m Joost de Valk, founder and CEO of Yoast. I’m also a 30 year old husband and father of 3 kids (2 boys, 1 girl) from a small town known as Wijchen in the Netherlands.


Tell us about your background in web development?

“My background is sort of “funny”, I constructed my first website in ’94, 12 years old at the time, on a computer my mother and father lent me the cash for because I’d broken theirs one time too many. I performed around with small web sites for quite a while but by no means in reality built anything substantial in that time.

Professionally my profession started out in 2002 as a Java developer, as i like to call it, even though i was by and large coding JSP and JSTL at that time and wouldn’t were able to write any “real” Java code.

My official task identify wasn’t developer though; i was an account supervisor and was mostly running on translating the desires of clients into something the builders could make technical designs for.

From this task I went to every other sales process, but in that sales process a small miracle took place: they “forced” me, although it didn’t take tons forcing in any respect after my first day, to work on a Mac.

Out of hobby for HTML and CSS, I have become energetic within the WebKit network, eventually becoming a committer on the WebKit group, a “title” I nonetheless hold, mostly because I built masses of computerized take a look at cases and maintained their Bugzilla.

via all my work in reducing insects (a system in which you're taking a web site that reasons an difficulty and begin doing away with everything till you have the smallest feasible check case), I learned an awful lot about HTML and CSS.

one of the things I specialized in became CSS3, which i used to be and am a big fan of, causing me to jot down so called “CSS3 Previews”. I published those on my then area and hit many a Digg the front web page with those, lower back while Digg nonetheless had site visitors to give.

That section on my site have become so popular I decided to spin it off into its personal area, (which I've for the reason that sold), the primary area for which I truly severely started out using WordPress.

That’s after I had my “rebirth” if you may as a developer: I started out developing WordPress plugins to do things I wanted to do on css3.information, starting with robots meta, which still exists but is also at the middle of my WordPress seo plugin.”

Tell us approximately your historical past in search engine optimization?

“Time would train me that even as i really like speaking to people and don’t thoughts promoting them stuff in any respect, I’m no longer a born salesman. I’m truly of an in-among between developer and advertising and marketing man, and in my next task i would grow to be an search engine optimization, which i might describe as exactly that.

i was taught at One to market in both a number of their old black hat methods (they’d been banned from Google the yr before and knew exactly why) and their new methods.

even as we didn’t use the old methods for clients, i found, and still locate this true these days, that if you follow what black hats do you may study an lousy lot about the behavior and picks of search engines.”

WordPress plugins

Why do you focus so much on WordPress?

“Because i really like the use of it and love the network round it. It’s super to be able to build some thing and help such a lot of people. Of route that wasn’t always true, within the beginning I “simply” did it because it was the maximum user-friendly manner to energy my websites. Now it’s a part of my business and that i dare even say, a part of who i am on-line.”

How did you come up with the idea to create a WordPress plugin?

“I scratch my very own itches. WordPress doesn’t do something I need it to do? I’ll make it do it. ninety five% of my plugins had been built due to that, the other five% were paid projects for clients.”

How did you find a hole in the market?

“I don’t think I locate desires, those desires locate me. It turns out that my itches aren’t that weird, more humans need the same functionality, so I build that functionality and launch it to the public.

In some cases i have probably “created” my own market a bit; in my article on WordPress search engine optimization i have proposed techniques that people followed, for which they needed my plugins.”

Inform us about your technique for developing plugins?

“It starts with a piece of code I constructed for myself, no longer too much stuff around it, just my own needs, from there on a few plugins evolve into plugins I release. At that point I commonly need to add an admin interface and so on., which is generally far greater work than constructing the plugin itself.

That’s followed by the even more bulky advent of documentation, the aspect wherein all of my plugins “lack” the most.”

How do you market your plugins?

“by now, a weblog put up about them is generally enough to get humans interested. after I first commenced it took lots greater paintings however I still undergo rather of the equal process these days as I did back then: I email a few friends in the enterprise, depart a touch upon weblog posts which can be topically related, basically, I make myself recognized to my target audience, usually fellow marketers, who will then unfold the word.”

Why do you think your plugins are so popular? what is your secret?

“quality and doing what’s promised on the “tin”. in place of calling one of my plugins an all-in-one plugin and doing most effective half of what’s wished, when I call my WordPress search engine optimization plugin all-in-one it’s because it’s truly all you need on your WordPress sites’ seo. after I call a plugin “Google Analytics for WordPress”, it does just that: upload Google Analytics to WordPress. With, admittedly, a whole lot of options that you may choose to use however you don’t need to use.”

Search Engine Optimization

How did you get interested in seo?

I used to be seeking out a new activity, in reality unhappy and now not functioning very well in my position on the time, when my wife confirmed me this process for an seo. I’d performed around with serps a chunk, knew my way round all the HTML and CSS standards so I got employed. To be honest, till my wife showed me that activity opening, I’d in no way taken into consideration turning into an seo. I’ll be forever thankful to her for showing it to me (and for marrying me and bearing my kids, however that’s any other factor altogether).

How did you analyze what you understand about seo?

“In several methods: I found out at my then enterprise, One to market, however mainly, I learned by way of reading search engine optimization blogs and boards and testing whether or not what they said about search engine optimization become real.

Search Engine Optimization may be very an awful lot some thing you have to learn by using doing and through deep diving: open up server logs and look for the movements of Google bot round your site. attempt to recognize it, try and assume as a search engineer. when you start “getting” that, it’s the maximum fantastic activity inside the world.”

How did you get from an hobby in search engine optimization to being a world-famend seo expert?

“I built stuff, then I advised human beings… i was in the lucky role that a number of the human beings I instructed about what I constructed have been very responsive. My first convention was a small convention called seo Days by Dave Naylor.

during that conference Dave took me aside for a while and we had a super chat, after which he linked me with buddies of his, people like Chris Sherman and Danny Sullivan who got me speakme gigs on their SES and later SMX meetings and men like Matt Cutts of Google and Greg Boser of now Blue Glass.

only a few days earlier than I went to that convention I filled out an extended survey on search engine optimization ranking elements Rand Fish kin of Somoza had emailed me, which later have become one among the most important portions of seo studies of that year.

combined, a lot of these human beings appeared to love what I did, and still do, so I did extra of it and extra people spoke back, from there on it changed into only a huge upwards spiral.”


Your personal logo is specific because it’s a fusion of web development and seo with a sprinkle of content material marketing. tell us your method?

“I’d love to tell you I planned this from the get pass, but that would be nonsense. It simply “came about” and once I saw it show up, I took the chance and built it out.

simplest currently have I become extra eloquent about my university background (I studied Theology and worldwide business, even though I completed neither levels), because I suppose on the whole what I learned in Theology applies to so much of what we do nowadays.

content advertising and marketing, “story telling”, etc. All that is simply the vintage artwork of Evangelization in a brand new package deal. Evangelization, coming from Greek, approach not anything greater than “spreading the coolest message”, that’s what businesses have to be doing with their merchandise, governments with their rules and heck, builders with their applications and plugins.”

How did you move approximately really mixing it all collectively? What have been the largest instructions found out there?

“I didn’t really blend it myself. I just wrote about what I did and in some unspecified time in the future it became clear to me i used to be “WordPress search engine optimization man” to a variety of people and that they were seeking to me for advice and plugins in that region.

The humorous thing is that during my paintings as a representative, I’m a ways extra a “large web site seo” guy and a “information seo” than a “WordPress search engine optimization” guy, as maximum of my consultancy customers are corporations with extensive websites and the troubles that stand up from that, however my “public” photograph is now completely affixed to WordPress in the first vicinity and search engine optimization as a close second.”

Many people want to grow to be global-magnificence specialists, but handiest few do. How did you get to wherein you are now? How did you develop your brand and your enterprise?
“To grow to be a “international-class” expert you have to be humble in admitting what you don’t know, as well as nimble in making sure you get to recognize that what you don’t realize but want to realize as quickly as viable.

As soon as you’ve received information really worth sharing then you definitely want to begin freely giving that knowledge via a weblog, articles in magazines and speeches on conferences.

It’s now not something that occurs overnight. I’ve been doing this for 8 years now, growing a following in the manner. So it takes hard work, determination and also you want to forego financial compensation for pretty some time. i might by no means were where i'm now if I’d decided to promote my plugins early on, or if I’d stored my WordPress search engine optimization understanding to myself.”

Final Words

last, however no longer least, what might be your advice to someone who would love to combine their strengths and build a strong private brand and a successful business? What’s the most critical thing right here?

“The single maximum important thing is to do what you love. I realize no-one in our enterprise who has end up a thought leader, a world-class expert or a “guru” via doing some thing other than what they love.

The purpose for that is simple: love for what you do will make your paintings not sense like work; allowing you to place the vital (regularly ridiculous) quantity of hours in to benefit the expertise and the profile you need.”

Thank You, Joost!