Judges set the bail amount but using technology to do it is also in practice

Judges set the bail amount but using technology to do it is also in practice

Judges set the bail amount but using technology to do it is also in practice
Judges Bail Amount

If you are wondering can you bail yourself out of jail then you should know that on posting the bail amount that consists of either depositing cash in the court or furnishing bail bonds you can walk free? Getting out of jail after an arrest is the only goal of people arrested on criminal charges. The law provides a lifeline to people for avoiding jail by securing bail as decided by the court. Immediately after the arrest, the person faces a court hearing to decide the bail amount if the charges qualify for it. Only if someone faces non-bail able charges, there is no way to avoid jail or police custody. Otherwise, there is enough scope to stay away from captivity during the time between the arrest and appearing in the court.

Bail Setting

Bail setting is the responsibility of judges, and one must wait to meet the judge. Since most people are eager to get out of jail immediately instead of waiting for seeing a judge in court that might day a few days, for common crimes standard bail schedules specifying the bail amount are available in most jails. If your crime falls under such a category that attracts standard station house bail schedule, you can quickly avail it to get out from jail. In case you are unable to afford the amount specified in the bail schedule, you can request a judge to lower it. You can make the request during the first hearing or arraignment or during a special bail hearing.

Using a bail algorithm to set bail

For decisions about bail amount in pre-trial cases, courts are using algorithms. By feeding some pre-determined information into a software program, it is possible to obtain a recommended score. The bail algorithms consider various factors related to the person like criminal record and age to assess the risk of the person in failing to appear at the court or committing another crime.

Bail Amount

The Constitution of the US highlights the importance of setting bail amount judiciously so that it is never excessive. The bail amount is neither to raise money for the government nor punishing a person on mere suspicion of committing some crime. The purpose of bail is to allow the person to remain free unless convicted of the crime while ensuring that the person returns to the court. However, the reality is that judges set exceptionally high bail amounts in specific and serious cases to ensure that the person stays in jail until the time the case is over.

Conditions of Release

Bails usually have some conditions attached to it known as conditions of release. The person must fulfill the conditions to enjoy the freedom awarded to them by the court, and its violation can lead to the judge revoking the bail and ordering re-arrest of the person to send him or her back to jail. If the condition stipulates the person on bail to report at the local police station once a week, it becomes the condition for availing bail.
Bail payment by cash or check and even property worth the bail amount is acceptable in addition to furnishing bail bonds.