Latest Technologies In Web Development

The most latest and best technology for web development is Progressive Web Apps.

Latest Technologies In Web Development
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) PWA drives the web forward by bringing website surfing closer to native mobile applications. Simply put, it's the latest technology for website development, represented as a website with a feature set previously accessible just in native apps.

A Native App is a software application built in a specific programming language for a specific device platform, either IOS or Android.

12 Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2022:

     1. Starbucks
     2. Debenhams
     3. BMW
     4. Flipboard
     5. Soundslice
     6. 2048 Game
     7. MakeMy Trip
     8. Uber
     9. Kopa(padpiper)
    10. Pinterest
    11. Yummly
    12. Spotify

It’s no secret that performance is vital to the success and profitability of any online venture. As a consequence, websites across industries are utilizing a new standard called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to improve their performance

PWAs are smaller, enabling faster loading than native web applications and lowering the bounce rate. Native App features: Progressive Web Applications support most of the features of native apps, such as offline support, push notifications, and many more.
Netflix has also been experimenting with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). In 2017, they launched a PWA version of their website, which allowed users to stream content even when they were offline.       


Characteristics of PWAs:
     Below is what should be considered when developing a PWA:
1. Responsiveness
2. Installable
3. Independent connectivity
4. Discoverability
5. Appearance
6. Cross Platform 

Benefits of PWAs:

Alot of organizations are switching to PWAs not only because they are cheap, but also they offer a great engagement.

  • They are responsive and work with many different screen sizes.
  • They function just like normal Native Apps.
  • They're fast and lightweight.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • They are discoverable via search engine.

    Wrap Up:

    With the latest technologies and the right tools getting started with PWAs can ultimately increase sales and monetary gain for your product either as an individual or organization. With it's it's many features including they are fast, able to work offline, and also they perform like normal native apps. This offers your users a great experience and keeps them satisfied.

    If you have read this far, I really appreciate it.