Legend Helsinki Introduces an Array of Rare Bespoke Luxury Goods

Legend Helsinki Introduces an Array of Rare Bespoke Luxury Goods

Legend Helsinki Introduces an Array of Rare Bespoke Luxury Goods
Array of Rare Bespoke

While custom-made luxury items are gaining popularity and demand in the world of luxury, Legend, a company that introduced bespoke iPhones to the world, has expanded their bespoke luxury product range. Legend has introduced worldwide clients various speciality items that are truly rare in the world of luxury and made-to-order by master.

Artisans from Finland and other European countries:

  • In the spirit of Karl Faberge, Legend is reviving the rare art of gemstone carving - offering flowers, knives, statues and pendants all carved with months of work from gemstones.
  • Bespoke Jewelry: Legend has presented over 100 jewelry pieces on their website, offering the possibility to customize their designs or commission a completely unique jewelry piece based on the customer's description or picture. Hot enamel and hand engraving are some of the rare techniques used in Legend jewelry.
  • Luxury knives: handcrafted hidden knife desktop statues (Legend is the only company offering these statues internationally), knives with handles carved out of gemstone, hand engraved folder knives and customization service for the knives of their clients.
  • Hand engraving service for watches: for those who want truly unique watches, Legend offers hand engraving service on watch cases and bracelets - with your choice of design and theme.
  • Lighters with jewelry work and hand engraving: from hand engraved Zippo to jeweled cigar lighter with solid gold and diamonds, Legend offers bespoke lighters featuring the customer's desired design.
  • Corporate gifts from phones to cuff links
  • Luxury solid silver belt buckles with customization options and hardware for guitar players and Hi-Fi aficionados are coming to Legend's catalog in 2019
  • The ideas of the customers are materialized with the help of Legend's bespoke designer, ensuring the final product matches the customer's expectations.

For more information and pictures, visit Legend Helsinki