Pressure Cooker Chinese Sausage with Brown Rice

Pressure Cooker Chinese Sausage with Brown Rice

Pressure Cooker Chinese Sausage with Brown Rice
Pressure Cooker Chinese Sausage with Brown Rice

This Chinese language recipe options among the finest dried and preserved Chinese language components: dried shrimp, Chinese language sausage and dried mushrooms. Historically, this dish is made with white rice or sticky, glutinous rice.

However we’re utilizing brown rice to create a hearty, healthful dish with genuine Chinese language flavors. You’ll learn to purchase, retailer and use every of those preserved components, and use a stress cooker to make this dish in half the time.

Savory and hearty is easy methods to finest describe this rice dish. It’s similar to Sticky Rice with Chinese language Sausage, that you just’d probably discover in Dim Sum locations, however much less candy, and we use brown rice as a substitute of sticky, glutinous rice. There’s no added sugar in our recipe.

My Mother’s household is Hakka, from Southeastern portion of China within the Guangdong area. My grandparents emigrated to Hong Kong within the 60’s (truly, there’s a courageous and daring escape from China story that I’d love to inform someday.)

This recipe is an adaption of a standard Hakkanese recipe – utilizing a stress cooker and substituting brown rice for white.

The Hakkanese are migratory individuals – in contrast to many Chinese language individuals who self establish primarily based on geography – “Hakka” actually means “Visitor Household.” Thus, there aren’t very many Hakka cookbooks accessible.

The one one I’ve present in English is The Hakka Cookbook by Linda Anusasananan that chronicles the historical past, tradition and recipes of the Chinese language “nomads.”

Utilizing a stress cooker

Utilizing a stress cooker cuts the cooking time by greater than half! After testing many variations, we’ve discovered that brown rice tastes the most effective when cooked in a stress cooker. We’re utilizing the Prompt Pot at this time, our prime decide for electrical stress cookers.

Between my Mother and I, we personal 5 totally different manufacturers of stress cookers – and this one is our favourite. Learn our Prompt Pot overview (and a giveaway) right here.

This recipe was particularly made for a stress cooker, whether or not electrical or guide/stovetop.

Dried Shrimp

Dried shrimp is small shrimp, salted and solar dried, although nowadays, the shrimp are dried in large, industrial sized ovens. They are often as small as your pinky nail, or as huge as 1 / 4. Like many dried components, its umami qualities present a pure salty-sweet-savory taste to dishes.

Dried shrimp is common in lots of Chinese language dishes – we use it to offer a base taste for soups, like this Chinese language Daikon Pork Soup. You might need had dried shrimp in dishes like Chinese language sticky rice, fried rice, braised cabbage. You may discover them entire in your stir fry or soup, or minced up in fried rice.

Consider dried shrimp as a taste enhancer, offering briny observe to your dish. It’s not fishy, and even my seafood-fearing husband will eat any dish that's cooked with dried shrimp.

The truth is, more often than not, he doesn’t even discover the dried shrimp (I mince it), however he does discover the refined, umami scrumptious taste of the dish. I inform individuals unfamiliar with dried shrimp to consider it just like how slightly little bit of chopped bacon can rework a dish.

Tips on how to purchase dried shrimp:

  • The larger the shrimp, the dearer. The larger the shrimp, the longer you’ll have to soak (see under part on easy methods to use.)
  • The smaller the shrimp, the extra salty. Counter the salt by soaking for longer time frame (and discarding the water.)
  • I simply favor to purchase small measurement. It’s cheap and offers nice taste.
  • At Asian markets, you will discover dried shrimp packaged in small baggage, close to the dry items isle (often the place the dried mushrooms are) or refrigerated. Some markets promote them in bulk.
  • Search for pink, coral coloured entire shrimp. Keep away from darkish, gray, ash coloured, damaged shrimp.

Tips on how to retailer dried shrimp:

  • Retailer dried shrimp within the fridge or freezer. My Mother likes to divide the bag of dried shrimp into smaller baggage. She’ll hold one within the fridge and the remainder within the freezer.
  • Dried shrimp do go stale after some time, once they begin turning grey-ish or ash coloured, it’s time to get a brand new batch.

Tips on how to use dried shrimp:

  • Soaking reconstitutes the shrimp, and brings out extra taste. Put a small handful of small dried shrimp in a small bowl. Soak in cool water for 30 minutes, or just-boiled scorching water for 10 minutes. Timing is only a guideline, there's a level of diminishing returns right here. Should you soak for hours, the shrimp begins to to lose its taste into the water. Soaking is just not mandatory – some cooks use dried shrimp simply as-is!
  • We used to make use of the flavored soaking water in cooking, however nowadays, we discard the water – typically the water is gritty and soiled.
  • Keep in mind that dried shrimp is salty, regulate your seasonings within the dish accordingly.

Chinese language Sausage

Lap cheong (Cantonese) or là cháng (Mandarin) (臘腸/腊肠)

Talking of bacon, Chinese language sausage is the bacon of the East. Tacky assertion, I do know, I cringed too after I typed that.

Chinese language sausage is magic. Candy, salty, savory and fatty. Fatty pork or duck (or a combo) is seasoned, encased, strung after which smoked whereas hanging.

Chinese language sausage is utilized in dim sum – a sausage tucked right into a pillowy-soft, white steamed bun, fried rice, steamed with rice, Clay Pot Rooster, Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf and even changing bacon in lots of dishes like Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chinese language Sausage.

Tips on how to purchase Chinese language sausage:

  • Search for Chinese language sausage within the dry items aisle or refrigerated.
  • Bundle must be tightly shrink-wrapped. Keep away from free baggage with air pockets. Some Chinese language markets or delis might promote them simply hanging (no packaging), however I keep away from these except I’m at a busy Chinatown market the place they get them made contemporary and the stock cycles quick.
  • Coloration must be deep, darkish reddish. Keep away from uninteresting brown, except the components embody “Chinese language sausage with liver” – these are simply naturally darker due to the liver. I’ve by no means been a fan of ones with liver. The tiny cubes of fats within the sausage must be opaque, pearly white once you minimize into the sausage.
  • Some manufacturers embody a ton of fats – it’s as much as you what you want. Fats = taste, however an excessive amount of fats within the Chinese language sausage will make your dish greasy.
  • There are various manufacturers – Kam Yen Jen is the most well-liked and is made within the USA. We use that fairly a bit – it’s not the perfect high quality, nevertheless it’s what we are able to discover outdoors of huge metropolis Chinatowns and markets. My Mother’s buddy heads as much as Toronto a number of instances a 12 months, and brings again my favourite model, “Glad Meat.” What a reputation! However it’s the highest quality Chinese language sausage and her frequent journeys assist hold my freezer properly stocked.

Tips on how to retailer Chinese language sausage:

  • Chinese language sausage preserves fairly properly. Unopened packages can final within the pantry for a number of months. A greater approach to retailer them is within the fridge, the place they’ll last more. If we get a number of packages, I’ll retailer 1 bundle within the fridge, and the remainder within the freezer.
  • Should you open a bundle and solely use a number of hyperlinks, wrap the remaining tightly in plastic wrap, after which tin foil earlier than refrigerating. The Chinese language sausage aroma might be fairly robust – you don’t need every thing smelling of sausage!
  • If the sausage has turned darkish, and the within fats (minimize right into a sausage) is now not pearly white, discard.

Tips on how to use Chinese language sausage:

  • Use hyperlinks entire, cooked with rice: Chinese language Sausage with Rice Recipe. You'll be able to even use the hyperlinks direct from freezer. Simply snuggle them in with the rice kernals to cook dinner collectively.
  • Cube: Often, in a stir fry or fried rice, we’ll solely use 2 or three hyperlinks. Add the diced sausage to a wok or sauté pan and activate the warmth to medium-low. Because the pan heats up, the sausage will slowly warmth up soften the fats and finally caramelize a bit. When you see the sausage brown, flip darker in colour, you possibly can scoop the sausage out with a slotted spoon, leaving the fats behind. This fats is what you’ll use to cook dinner with within the stir fry. Some Chinese language sausage could also be too lean to launch a variety of fats – in that case, swirl just a bit cooking oil to get the method began.
  • Chinese language sausage’s excessive sugar content material means that it's going to burn quick. That’s why I like cook dinner the sausage first, by itself, to verify I get the right caramelization with out burning. Plus, it melts the flavorful fats.
  • Keep in mind that Chinese language sausage is nice and salty – principally candy. So, go mild on seasoning your dish till the tip – style and regulate.

Chinese language Dried Mushroom

A staple in Chinese language cooking is the dried black mushroom, which provides an intense umami taste (noticing a development on this dish?) It’s the most effective pure vegetarian/vegan approach to get “meaty” and “savory” notes and texture in a dish.

You may be acquainted with Japanese “Shiitake” mushrooms, which is mostly thinner, extra delicate. Recent shiitake mushrooms are salted and dried. The extra common Chinese language fashion of dried black mushroom has a thick cap and thick, stout stem. Dried mushrooms should be soaked earlier than utilizing in braises or stir fries.

Tips on how to purchase Chinese language Dried Mushrooms:

  • You'll be able to actually purchase them in most Asian market, however I’ve additionally noticed them in common, massive supermarkets as properly. Complete Meals and lots of well being meals shops will inventory them, too.
  • For Chinese language fashion cooking, search for thick caps and quick, thick stems. Whereas they’ll take longer to soak than the thinner mushrooms, these shall be extra flavorful and hearty. Search for entire, unbroken mushroom with virtually a swollen, puckered, crinkly cap. The highest quality virtually remind me of a tortoise shell, with a darkish brown and lightweight beige crinkles.
  • You should buy them in bulk, however I favor to get them already sealed in a big bundle. I’ve by no means been a fan of bulk. All these crinkles lure mud and grime.
  • I get each the thick Chinese language fashion entire mushrooms AND thinner, already-sliced variety, which is nice for stir fries. The skinny, pre-sliced dried mushrooms halve the soaking time, and is simply extra handy to make use of for stir fries.

Tips on how to retailer Chinese language Dried Mushrooms:

Dried mushrooms will final eternally! Effectively, not less than for a few years. Retailer them in a glass jar in your pantry. Should you retailer them in a plastic container for an extended time frame, your container will eternally scent of Chinese language mushrooms. You too can retailer in plastic zip prime baggage. Fairly easy!

Tips on how to use Chinese language Dried Mushrooms:

  • Soak first. Place the mushrooms in a deep bowl. Cowl with water. The mushrooms will float – you possibly can place a smaller plate on prime of the mushrooms to weigh them down in the event you’d wish to shorten the soaking time. The thicker the mushroom cap, the longer it takes to soak. Skinny, pre-sliced dried mushrooms can soak in half of the time.
  • Cool water – not less than 1 hour.
  • Simply-boiled scorching water – 30 minutes. Should you’re quick on time, microwave for three minutes or so, then let it sit for an additional 10 minutes.
  • Mushroom is prepared when you possibly can simply minimize/chop
  • What to do with the soaking water. Personally, I favor to dump it. The water will comprise some grit and grime. Some individuals like to make use of this water to cook dinner with, it’s as much as you. Typically, I don’t like utilizing the soaking water for dried merchandise.
  • Use entire for soups and braises. Trim the stem and save. These stems can be utilized in making soups and shares! Retailer them in a baggie within the freezer. Subsequent time you make inventory, simply throw a number of into the pot (discard after making inventory, they're robust to eat.)
  • Cube for stir fries. Trim stem, save for inventory.
  • Dried mushrooms can face up to a variety of cooking with out dropping its texture – which means, it’s onerous to overcook. It’s higher so as to add the mushrooms early on within the stir-fry, to offer it time to cook dinner by way of and soften much more.

What Form of Rice?

Any rice! We’re utilizing medium grain brown rice within the recipe, however you need to use glutinous candy rice. I like the feel and chew of pressure-cooked brown rice. The truth is, it tastes very comparable in texture to the glutinous candy rice, however with the added well being advantages.

Tips on how to cook dinner Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage and Brown Rice
Cube the dried shrimp, Chinese language sausage, dried mushroom and 1 shallot:

These 4 components shall be stir fried briefly, to deliver out their flavors. Discover that we’ll be including the components into the wok individually – that is to make sure every ingredient is cooked optimally.

Stir fry the shallots:

Then add within the dried shrimp:

Subsequent, the mushrooms:

Chinese language sausage:

When the Chinese language sausage turns into darker, and the fat within the Chinese language sausage melts and turns clear, it’s prepared. Take care to not burn the shallots through the stir fry – regulate warmth accordingly.

Add to the stress cooker pot together with the rice:

Add in liquid – you need to use a mix of water, vegetable broth or hen broth (extra flavorful):

Set the stress cooker to cook dinner 30 minutes beneath stress:

After stress cook dinner time is up, flip stress cooker off, and let it relaxation for 10 minutes.

Then launch the remaining stress. I like to make use of tongs and a kitchen towel to direct the steam away from me. Watch out to not contact the new steam.

The complete recipe is under, on the finish.

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Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice

Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice

Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice

Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice

Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice
Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice
Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice

Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice
Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice
Strain Cooker Chinese language Sausage with Brown Rice

Sausage with Brown Rice