Six Workout routines For A Killer Leg Exercise

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Six Exercises For A Killer Leg Workout

Leg day, like Marmite – you both adore it, otherwise you hate it.
It entails a number of the extra advanced actions within the health club, however there are numerous completely different workouts you’ll be able to carry out and in loads of alternative ways to boost and develop your legs; one of many greatest and most tough muscle teams to work on.

Folks typically underestimate what number of muscular tissues really have to be educated so as to obtain a fascinating, balanced physique, and work on the belief that simply coaching the quads will help their objectives of packing on the mass (if leg day isn’t skipped altogether…)

The Leg Muscle mass
The Leg Muscles

Even in case you had been to focus on coaching quads a lone – these muscular tissues themselves consist of 4 sections, so that you think about the significance of coaching versatility.

The quadriceps

The Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermedius, and Rectus Femoris.

The hamstrings

These muscular tissues include: the Simitendinosus, Semimembranosus and the Biceps femoris.

The calf muscular tissues

The Gastrocnemius and Soleus: these are situated on the again under the knee cap – they’re positively one of many hardest muscular tissues to develop aesthetically, they usually do take endurance and exhausting work to see any outcomes.

The glutes

Coaching Glutes on leg day or separate is full desire – though some compound workouts incorporate the muscle group!

To successfully practice all muscle teams it’s necessary to fluctuate the workouts on leg day – therefore why such a big muscle group typically has a full day devoted to it – it’s not widespread to separate muscle teams additional e.g. coaching quads and hamstrings on one and, for instance, calves and shoulders on one other – simply to make sure full focus on separate teams.

On this case, I’ve laid out an instance of an intermediate exercise, utilizing 6 workouts combined up from the same old leg press, leg extension and so forth. They cowl every muscle group, together with highly effective compound strikes to hit few muscle teams directly!

Units and reps for the next workouts: four x 6 reps

1 Barbell Again Squats
Barbell Back Squats

One of many extra conventional. common multi-joint actions.

Primary muscular tissues used: Quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, decrease again

Beginning place:

✓ Head over to the squat rack, positioning the bar on the rack slightly below shoulder degree – with the bar positioned to balanced between your traps.

✓ Focus on straightening your torso earlier than utilizing each arms to take away from the rack, powering by your legs.


a) Transfer away from the bar, place ft simply shy of shoulder width aside – keep a straight torso, level ft barely outwards and maintain head up straight.

b) While protecting a straight posture and head up straight, inhale and start to bend the hips and knees to decrease the bar till you attain a a 90-degree angle (knees shouldn’t be previous toes)

c) Exhale and push by the ground together with your heel and start to straight the legs, elevating the bar.

d) Return to beginning place and instantly repeat.


Carry out this train as a ‘Hypertrophy’ train to essentially really feel the burn in your legs:

5 reps – 20 sec relaxation – three reps – 20 sec relaxation – 2 reps

End off with 1 minute relaxation after the ultimate two. If you happen to’re feeling assured sufficient, you’ll be able to bear this coaching for the 4 units of the squats!

2 Standing Calf Increase
Standing Calf Raise

This train might be carried out on a Calf elevate machine or utilizing a step/field for people who don’t have the choice – or need to carry out at house! For this instance, it’ll be the latter!

Primary muscular tissues used: Calves

a) End up a step field, and seize weights that you just really feel comfy sufficient holding in every hand, whether or not this can be a dumbbell or a plate. Level toes ahead.

b) Stand on the field with the balls of your ft – together with your heels barely hanging off the sting and straighten your torso – maintain knee’s barely bent to forestall them locking.

c) Holding the knee stationary all through, exhale and start to flex your calf muscular tissues while extending your ankles excessive as doable.

d) Maintain the contraction for a second earlier than returning to beginning place and repeat.


For selection, you are able to do this single-legged, and even carry out it on the Smith Machine, with the bar between your traps once more, and this manner you’ll be able to pile extra weight onto your calves.

3 Seated Leg Curl
Seated Leg Curl

A killer train for the hamstrings!

Primary muscular tissues used: Hamstrings

a) Modify the machine to suit your peak, and use the again pad to help your again, and making certain your sat upright – decrease legs ought to sit on high of the lever.

b) Grasp onto every deal with and and guarantee legs are straight out – your toes will probably be identified straight.

c) Exhale and start to drag the lever in the direction of your thighs – actually push down by the hamstrings – maintain the contraction for a second.

d) Inhale and ensure to return again to the beginning place slowly to really feel the burn.


So as to add selection to this train you are able to do it single-legged to essentially goal every hamstring! Do watch out – strive to not ‘swing’ or velocity up the transfer to keep away from any hamstring tears.

4 Entrance Barbell Squats
Front Barbell Squats

Primary muscular tissues used: Quadriceps, calves, glutes, hamstrings

Identical train because the again squat, however a harder one to carry out, notably in case you’re used to performing again squats – carry out in

Primary muscular tissues used: Quadriceps, calves, glutes, hamstrings

Identical train because the again squat, however a harder one to carry out, notably in case you’re used to performing again squats – carry out in

Beginning place:

✓ Put the load you want on the barbell and place it match your peak.

✓ Stability the bar throughout your deltoids by bringing your arms beneath and ensure to maintain elbows excessive.


a) Start to carry the bar by straightening your torso and powering by your legs – instantly step again from the bar and place ft barely identified, shoulder width stance. Preserve head up and straighten again to stay targeted and keep the stability.

b) Holding a straight posture, inhale and start to bend the knees to decrease the barbell – stopping when you’ve reached a 90-degree angle.

c) Push down in the direction of the achilles tendon as you’ll with a again squat, however make certain your kind is appropriate, as a result of it could actually fairly simply exit the window when a again squat is usually used. (Don’t let knees go previous toes)

d) Exhale and lift the bar by utilizing leg energy to straight the legs, returning to beginning place,

5 Romanian Deadlift
Romanian Deadlift

Primary muscular tissues used: Hamstrings, calves, glutes, decrease again

Beginning place:

✓ Put the load plates you want on the barbell and place your self shoulder width.

✓ Bend down and seize the barbell with an overhand, palms down (pronated) grip. Use wrists straps relying on the load used.

✓ Straighten hips and push them again and bend your knees barely.


a) Making certain your arms and again are straight all through the motion, exhale and steadily energy by the hips to carry the bar.

b) As soon as stood straight, maintain your chest up, push the hips again and start to decrease the bar to a cushty place – your knees must be bent barely.

c) As an alternative of exhaling right away, maintain your breath earlier than getting ready to decrease the bar again to the beginning place.

d) Instantly repeat the rep.


Attempt with dumbbells to combine it up a bit or you probably have again issues. Don’t power an excessive amount of weight – safe your kind and forestall accidents by doing so.

6 Bulgarian Break up Squat
Bulgarian Split Squat

Primary muscular tissues used: Quadriceps and Hamstrings

In all probability probably the most advanced train out of the lot. Entails utilizing a bench, and two kettle bells of your required weight.

a) Seize a pair of reasonable weight dumbbells (test stability earlier than going heavy) and elevate the chosen rear foot onto a weights bench, protecting core tight for additional stability.

b) Letting the dumbbells hold at either side of your physique an discover a comfy, balanced place.

c) Holding posture all through, begain to decrease down by flexing the knee and the hip, protecting the entrance knee in step with your foot.

d) After squeezing the contraction on the backside of the motion, push by the heel to lift your self again to beginning place and alternate legs.

Doing 4 units of six to finish your exercise right here will actually guarantee DOMS the subsequent day.

Feeling courageous? Attempt the 5, three, two methodology which was talked about beforehand.

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