The Untold Mystery Of Kasper Hauser

A German young lad claimed to be grown in isolation..Let's put a light on this controversy of 1820s.

The Untold Mystery Of Kasper Hauser

Kasper Hauser was a German young man who came out of nowhere in 1820s claiming to be grown in total isolation in a dark cell.

Kasper was 16 when he appeared in Nuremberg in a peasant dress.He had a letter in his hand that adressed to the Captain of fourth Esgataron of the Shwolishay Regiment and read as follows, 

"I send you a boy who wishes faithfully to serve the king.The boy was left in my house in October,1812,and I am myself a poor labourer who have also 10 children,and I have my own family....since 1812 I have never suffered him to take a step out of my house"

Hauser's account of life in a dungeon:

Kasper did not know how to use his fingers,his gait was that of a toddler learning to take steps.He walked by placing both the ball and the heel of the foot down at the same time and the physician who examined him repoerted an abnormality of the bone structure of the knee.He hated meat and alcohol,preferring bread and water and referred to people as bua and animals as ross .He paid no attention to chiming bells at first,but eventually began to notice their sounds.Kasper was therefore capable of speech,but it was mainly incoherent.He was able to tell the mayor that he lived his all life in a cell in Nuremberg, and did not know if it had been day or night.When he awoke,he would find bread and water,sometimes the water had a bad taste so he would sleep for long period  and when he again woke up he would find himself clean and dressed.There was a man who appeared to be his keeper.

Further life in Nuremberg:

Kasper was visited by juror Feuerbach in julty 1828,who reported on his linguistic abilities:

"In all that he said,the conjunctions,participles and adverbs were still almost entirely wanting and he lacked the syntax which was in a state of miserable confusion.'Kasper' very well instead of I am very well, 'Kasper' shall Julius tell instead of I shall tell Julius.The pronoun "I" occured  very rarely in his speech".

Kasper showed some similarities with children who are learning language.In that he over-generalized some concepts:all hills were mountains and  a fat man was called "the man with the mountain".A lady whose shawl dragged on the ground was called "the lady with the tail".

In 1829,Kasper moved to live with Herr Daumer's family and had made a considerale progress in reading and writing.He had decided to write his memoirs.However,this project never finished as an assasination attempt was made upon his life shortly after he started writing.Kasper survived this attack.

The wound:

On 17 October 1829, Hauser was found in the cellar of Daumer's house bleeding from a newly cut wound on the forehead. He asserted that while sitting on the privy, he had been attacked and hurt by a hooded man who also threatened him with the words: "You still have to die before you leave the city of Nuremberg." Hauser related he recognised the speaker as the man who had brought him to Nuremberg. As was obvious from his blood trail, Hauser at first fled to the first floor where his room was, but then, rather than moving on to find his caretakers, had gone downstairs and climbed through a trap door into the cellar. Alarmed officials called for a police escort and transferred him to the care of Johann Biberbach, a municipal authority. The alleged attack on Hauser also fueled rumours about his possible ancestry from Hungary, England, or the House of Baden.

Doubters of Hauser's story are of the opinion that he had self-inflicted the wound with a razor, which he then took back to his room before going to the cellar. He might have done so to arouse pity and thus escape chiding for a recent quarrel with Daumer, who had come to believe that the boy had a tendency to lie.

Life and death in Ansbach:

 On 14 December 1833, Hauser came home with a deep wound in his left breast. By his account, he had been lured to the Ansbach Court Garden, where a stranger stabbed him while giving him a bag. When policeman  Herrlein searched the Court Garden, he found a small violet purse containing a pencilled note in mirror writing. The message read, in German:

"Hauser will be able to tell you quite precisely how I look and from where I am. To save Hauser the effort, I want to tell you myself from where I come _ _ . I come from from _ _ _ the Bavarian border _ _ On the river _ _ _ _ _ I will even tell you the name: M. L. Ö."

Hauser died of the wound on 17 December 1833.


Hauser was buried in the Stadtfriedhof (city cemetery) in Ansbach, where his headstone reads, in Latin, "Here lies Kaspar Hauser, riddle of his time. His birth was unknown, his death mysterious. 1833.

Medical opinion:

A 1928 medical study supported the view that Hauser had self-inflicted the wound and accidentally stabbed himself too deeply. A 2005 forensic analysis argued that it seems "unlikely that the stab to the chest was inflicted exclusively for the purpose of self-damage, but both a suicidal stab and a homicidal act cannot be definitely ruled out."

Psychological View:

Hauser's various accounts of the story of his incarceration include several contradictions.In 1970, psychiatrist Karl Leonard stated that "If he had been living since childhood under the conditions he describes, he would not have developed beyond the condition of an idiot; indeed he would not have remained alive long. His tale is so full of absurdities that it is astonishing that it was ever believed and is even today still believed by many people."

Karl Leonhard a psychiatrist,contended that "Kaspar Hauser was, as other authors already opined, a pathological imposter. In addition to his hysterical make-up he probably had the persistence of a paranoid personality since he was able to play his role so calmly. From many reports on his behaviour one can recognise the hysterical as well as the paranoid trend of his personality."

Kasper became so indulged in his acts that he lied to gain the attentions.He did have some psychological issue but he entirely faked his identity.The controversial story of hauser was filmed 3 times,all those are interesting but show different sides of the story.I would list the names so you do not find it difficult to surf.

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