Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview

Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview

Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview
Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview

The global economy is struggling. Inflation is up. Interest rates are up. Unemployment is up. In these grim times, landing a job interview can be a ray of light in the dark for many people. These days, many employers prefer to interview candidates online over a video call. If you have one lined up, then this blog can give you a few tips on how to ace it.

Online Video Job Interview – A Few Helpful Tips

So you have an online job interview coming up with a decent employer. That’s great work on your part so far. Now it’s time to make sure you get past the initial online job interview via video call. That means getting a few things in order, including your Spectrum internet plans. But more on that in a minute.

Video job interviews have gained a lot of popularity with employers and headhunters over the last few years. They are convenient. They allow face-to-face engagement between interviewer and interviewee, just like a traditional job interview.

They save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in diverting additional resources to the hiring process. And finally, they allow employers to screen out unsuitable candidates.

Now that you know why companies prefer taking online video job interviews, here are some tips that can help you ace them:

1.Use a Professional Email Address
2.Get the Right Details
3.Choose the Right Spot
4.Position Your Device and Visual Aids
5.Look the Part
6.The Call
Let’s examine these in more detail below.

Use a Professional Email Address

If you are a millennial, chances are you have an embarrassing email address from the early ‘noughties. You know the ones I’m talking about. or are not professionally appropriate. So whatever you do, do not use them for your job applications or interviews. If you have to, change your username or create an entirely new professional account.

Get the Right Details

Nobody likes a panicked, disorganized person. That’s exactly the impression you give when you scramble for the interviewer’s Skype ID a few minutes before your interview.

You need to act professional and organized, and you can give that impression by asking in advance. Make sure you confirm all the necessary details with your interviewer beforehand.

Choose the Right Spot

Choosing the right spot for your online job interview is very crucial to the entire process. You need to be very picky about where you want to set up your device and prompts. It is usually good to choose a quiet, private spot where the chances of you being disturbed are unlikely.

Be sure to have a blank or neutral background behind you. You don’t want to end up being embarrassed or distracting the interviewer.

Position Your Device and Visual Aids

Now that you have chosen the right spot for your interview, it is time to set up. If you are using a computer, laptop, or even a smartphone, make sure it is elevated to eye level. This makes for a better angle than when the camera is below eye-level, which frankly is not very flattering.

If possible use a pair of headphones and a microphone. Headphones will help you hear your interviewer clearly and minimize the distraction from external noises. A microphone, even a cheap one, will help your interviewer understand you better.

This is much better than using your computer’s microphone, which is likely to have some distortion and poorer quality.

If you have any notes or visual aids, place them on an elevated position as well. If you can, place them adjacent to your camera at eye level. This way you won’t have to look away every time you want to consult them.

Look the Part

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of dressing just from the waist up. Interviewers have cottoned on to that fact, and frequently ask candidates to stand up so that they can see if they are wearing pants. But dressing up doesn’t mean you need to get into full-blown formal attire.

Check what your prospective employer’s dress code is. Some employers have no problem with smart casual or even casual wear at work. Just remember, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

The Call

Finally, we come to the call itself. The specifics of your interview will vary based on your employer, interviewer, industry, and the job itself. However, there are a few things you can do to help swing things in your favor.

Try looking into the camera when you talk to your interviewer. This makes it seem like you’re making eye contact and engaging with the interviewer. Practice this beforehand, as it is not always easy to make it seem natural. Your first instinct is to look at the screen, not the camera, which you will need to work on.

Allow for signal disruptions and wait a couple of heartbeats before you start answering your interviewer. Signal problems can cause delays in video calls, and you don’t want to be talking over your employer. It just makes for too much confusion.

Wherever possible, do a test call with a friend before the actual interview. That way, you can immediately contact Spectrum internet support if there’s a problem. Be sure to adhere to these tips if you have an upcoming online video job interview. If all goes well, you’ll land that job in no time. Good luck!

Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview

Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview

Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview

Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview
Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview

Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview
Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview

Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview