Top 7 Online Digital Marketing Tools for Business Growth And Efficiency

Top 7 Online Digital Marketing Tools for Business Growth And Efficiency

Top 7 Online Digital Marketing Tools for Business Growth And Efficiency
7 Online Digital Marketing Tools for Business

One of the most important and foremost investments any brand can do for the promotion of their business is the investment of digital marketing. Whether it is an e-commerce store, any online British essay writing service or a startup educational institution, every sector must consider digital marketing as a must-use tool for spreading the word and increasing the brand’s visibility effectively.

Ever approached online help and asked some professional to write my essay UK? Though you might have got a number of responses upon asking for “write my essay for me” to multiple search engines, you will choose the one that attracts you most in every possible way. What makes your selection prominent and stand apart from the rest? Yes, it is the efficient digital marketing strategies that such essay writing and essay editing services have used to increase their brand’s visibility and grab customer attention.

While you are planning out your digital marketing strategy, you must consider the online tools that are best suited for your brand. And how do marketers know whether they are spending their time, money and efforts on the right digital marketing tools? Well, though the overall process demands time and dedication, a proper study and know-how of multiple digital marketing tools available online can help you make the most of each digital marketing tool.

To help you make familiar with best online digital marketing tools, we have compiled top 7 that will not only help you grow your business, and you will be able to increase your brand’s visibility on multiple forums and digital platforms. Let’s get started!

1.Facebook Page Insights

Before initiating your digital marketing strategy and approaching your potential targets, it is important to have in-depth insights about the audience. Not only it helps in targeting customers strategically, but businesses are also able to create effective marketing campaigns on multiple social media platforms.
When it comes to Facebook marketing campaigns, one of the competent tool Facebook page insights helps marketers to approach customers in an effective and smart manner. The tool helps marketers to understand customer’s behavior, trends, preferences, likes and dislikes and activity timings.

With the help of figuring out the interest of the potential customers, marketers can make the most out of Facebook and use this platform to approach the greater number of audience. Not only has this, but the customer insights gathered through this efficient tool also helped businesses to enhance their marketing campaign, other than Facebook too.

2.Social Mention

Since social media have been one of the most efficient and successful digital marketing platforms, the smart tools offered to manage social media marketing are must use of marketers to carry out successful strategies.
While it can be a challenging task to monitor and manage your brand’s social presence, Social mention helps marketers to streamline and structure their processes and social presence. With the help of monitoring four key metrics that are a passion, reach, strength and sentiment, the tools allow efficient assistance for all the marketers out there.


Do you often find it difficult to manage more than one social media account of your brand and you are looking for some online help? I am sure it is quite tough to handle each channel at a time.
Another helpful tool for social media marketing is Buffer, which helps marketers to handle multiple social media accounts on a single dashboard resulting in time and energy saving.
Some of the features of this effective tool are as follows:

  • A single user-friendly dashboard provides a helpful workspace for marketers to share posts, handle feedback, and track the responses of multiple social media accounts.
  • They can publish a single post on multiple social media channels at a time.
  • Marketers can get consolidated analysis of all the channels you are active on.
  • Marketers can figure out which content have got successful feedback and which content isn’t doing well.

4.Google Analytics

Since it is extremely important for every digital marketer to first understand the digital presence of the brand and also get some insights into the customers. In addition to tracking and monitoring website traffic, it will present you analyzed data just the way you like it. The data gathered through this efficient tool is extremely helpful in understanding customer behavior and also the brand’s prominence on online search engines.


SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are the two most important steps every marketer must consider to have a successful digital marketing strategy. The content is one of the foremost things that grab customer’s attention. The more creative, informative and high quality your content is, the more it has the potential to grab the audience’s attention.

6.Google Trends

Google Trends, one of the most helpful sources to perform keyword search according to what is trending and the volume of the searches. Marketers can use the information to come up with the most trending piece of write-up that not only engages the audience but also intrigue them to remain connected with you because of your unique and informative content publishing.


While effective digital marketing tools are required for targeting a greater number of audience digitally, the plan is nothing without an efficient planning and management tool. Evernote allows users to make to-do lists, research for notes and help manage all the marketing related tasks in a well-structured manner.

In case you are planning to initiate a successful digital marketing strategy for your startup, make sure you study the above discussed online digital marketing tool. Once you are aware of the features of each tool, it would be convenient for you to choose the one that meets your requirement and yield you successful results.
Needless to say, digital marketing can be made extremely simple, efficient and time-saving with the help of the smart tools mentioned above. Make sure you make the most of them and also encourage your team members to study about each of them so that it will, in turn, benefit your business in terms of growth, expansion, and productivity.