Top 7 Online Writing Tools A Writer Must Invest In

Top 7 Online Writing Tools A Writer Must Invest In

Top 7 Online Writing Tools A Writer Must Invest In
Online Writing Tools

Gone are the days when people used to have only type-writers for writing purpose. Technology has come a long way and people do not only use computers and other gadgets to perform writing, but they can also access massive information through the use of the internet.

While the students have the convenience to approach online dissertation writing help they also have loads of applications and online tools that work on their writing skills. With the emergence of enhanced and efficient online tools, writing has become one of the most smooth and easy-to-understand processes of all times.

Are you among those who think that writing doesn’t come easy to you and you usually need some professional help? Why not make use of these smart online tools to enhance your writing skills and come up with the write-up that your teachers or professors are looking for.
Here is a list of 7 best online tools a writer must invest in:


Do you often struggle with editing part of your cheap dissertation writing service in the UK? Why don’t you try out the cool editing tools called Grammarly? Specifically designed to highlight spelling, grammar and irregular sentence errors in your dissertation, Grammarly will make your write-up more accurate and meaningful.
Best of all, if you have downloaded the Grammarly web extension, it can correct anything on your web browser, even your Fb and Twitter post. So, why not make the most out of this smart editing tool that too for free?

Google Docs

Are you looking for an efficient word-processor even if you are not typing in MS word file? Google Docs will help you do that!
Writers often require a collaborative environment if two or more people are communicating while producing a write-up. It is highly recommended for such writers as Google Docs will provide a separate display of that file each individual user and the users can make real-time changes while the others can see instantly. Also, the changes you make will be automatically saved to your folders as you go on typing. With a user-friendly interface and smart features, it is also recommended to create PDF e-books for your papers and thesis.


Another efficient tool just like MS Word and Google Docs, Draft provides a distraction-free and easy-to-understand interface for all its writers.
Some of the interesting features of the Draft are as follows:

  • You can share you write-ups and docs with other users and changes can’t be made unless you accept or reject them.
  • As you type in your document, your work will be saved and back up will be created online on your cloud account.
  • In addition to tracking your daily word count, Draft will also send you email reminders to meet your daily goal of word count.
  • The documents can also be published on other tools like Tumblr, Twitter, and Blogger, etc.

Hemmingway Editor

Specifically designed to make your writing clear and bold, Hemmingway Editor highlights the complex words, passive voice and dull vocabulary and suggest with more creative options for writers to implement. For those who really want to work on producing effective content and enhance their writing skills, this smart tool is a must-use for them.
Highlighting different kinds of amendments through multiple colors, Hemmingway makes it clear for the writers to make the text more meaningful and attractive. Sentences that are difficult to read can be transformed and made understanding through this effective tool.


Being one of the amazing productivity tools, Trello allows users to organize projects and plan in a more flexible and fun way. It is designed to provide a list-making space like a bulletin board that helps you arrange all your cards into columns. Those cards can include anything like your to-do list or any dialogues or scenes from your book.
Once you are able to organize all your notes from bigger write-ups to minute details through Trello, you would experience a significant efficiency in your writing process and you would be able to produce quality write-ups/. It recommended for all those writers to make use of this proficient writing tool in order to enhance your writing productive skills and unleash the creative side of yours.


Another helpful writing productivity enhancement tool is Evernote, which allows users to make a quick to-do list on the go. You don’t have to worry about looking for pen paper while an idea comes to your mind, rather you can quickly jot down your notes, write blog post ideas, and take audio notes on this great application anywhere anytime.
Not only this, but its web clipper extension also allows users to clip any article or part of it from the web and save it in Evernote for future referencing in your write-ups. It instantly syncs through your gadgets and laptops and provides a secure place for all your notes related tasks.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Are you often short of blog post topic ideas because you have already been saturated by writing on most of those topics? Well, Hubspot’s blog topic generator will help you provide some amazing and catchy blog post title in just a couple of seconds.

Hence, if you are facing writer’s block, it is perfectly fine as this efficient topic generator is there to help you overcome it. Download this tool in your laptops or gadgets and get some amazing blog topics that are equally catchy and attention grabbing for your audience.
Since a writer needs to be perfect in almost every area of writing from Write my dissertation UK editing to research, they must work efficiently and smartly to overcome all the struggles that come in their way. Needless to say, technology will help you do that!
With the help of using these best 7 writing tools and countless others available on the internet, you can not only work on improving your writing skills, but you can also make use of a perfect space to write and be creative as much as you can. Try out these amazing tools and make the most out of them! Happy writing!