How B2B Travel Portal Helps Your Travel Business Grow

How B2B Travel Portal Helps Your Travel Business Grow

How B2B Travel Portal Helps Your Travel Business Grow.There present some of the most extraordinary and dynamic factors that have induced the fume to help the travel industry to grow at a bombarding speed and among them, B2B travel portal solution is highly beneficial and efficacious for travel business.

Today’s era is known for its highly advanced technological innovations that empower the commercial sectors to do their business with ease. The outcome of the evolution of technology can be evident in the travel industry, which in a very short period of time have tremendously transformed itself to become one of the most successful business giants in the commercial market. Looking at the advancement and growing profit-margin, many businessmen and entrepreneurs are showing a keen interest in investing in the travel business.

Among all other tools, B2B travel portal is the most important and popular tool for travel agents and travel agency. Despite the size, shape and budget of your business, it allows you to get sustainable growth in the market and proffer your clients a unique and hassle-free booking experience. It helps the travel agent to excel to their travel business and make the travel product and services accessible to them. Modern travel agencies are well-equipped with the widest array of data on various travel services and this has been made possible through B2B business lead. A travel agent must collaborate with the travel service suppliers to distribute the services to the end-customers. Online travel agencies work on the web-based network and mobile-friendly applications that form new business relationships between different companies and eases out the service for the clients. Whether your client is a frequent traveler or a novice, purchasing services from OTAs have become more suitable for them. A quintessential and flawless booking engine helps the client get an extensive array of data on multifarious airlines, hotels, train, car, bus or cruise service and provides them with real-time information on availability, price, seat layout, mapping, multiple payment gateways and many more.

Features of B2B travel portal are:

  • Marketing can be done through zero cost
  • You can spend less time in searching a link for better business
  • B2B trades also exchange information, which helps other traders in overcoming problems and learning new


  • Reduces functioning expenses for all trade members
  • Facilitate to register and log in to access features based on the user type, availability of flights, rooms,holiday packages for a particular destination etc.
  • Minimize order processing cost
  • The economic cost of interacting with customers
  • Effective utilization of the products and services is possible using user statistic report, easy reservation, booking of hotels, properties, flights, tour packages etc.
  • Entire reservation activities can be done with a single log-in.
  • Maximize the productivity of your business
  • Manages rate and B2B partners- both front office and back office
  • Strong security layers to safe gourd the activities of online business
  • Support multi-location environment
  • Multi-currency support
  • Dashboard for admin user and sub admin
  • Admin control panel and agent profile creation
  • Reservation history
  • Real time online search and booking of flights, hotels, car rentals etc
  • Negotiated fare booking engine and dynamic packaging implementation
  • Flexible features
  • Commission and mark-up settings against each supplier
  • In order to acquire an efficient distribution channel, you must consider hiring a Travel Portal Development
  • Company that understands your business and helps you get the right platform to burgeon up your business.

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